naked kh framed (stripped silver)

Nakkid KH alu frames rule! hi henry!

could people please tell what type of paint stripper they used and the process thankyou

I sanded the paint off of my super hard steel crank arms, for my bike though.

no posting dirty uni pictures

he’s just dopie and diden’t realise his flies were undone

aluminum when bare will begin to oxidize and look very dull. to protect the aluminum spray it with some clear coat.

ummm… your fly is down:p

That’s the point of that picture.

Would you like to touch my crank, it’s 180mm, pretty big eh?

no i meant the one with no paint

I hope you will paint it or so, because steel will rust you know…
Unless it’s alloy, then it will be fine.

Peter M

Orange, when after I get a Rim for my bike.

Bought a 20" 48h DX32 from Darren.