N36 on 60 minutes

I was watching this segment about Facebook on 60 minutes and at the Facebook HQ there was a guy riding a Nimbus 36 in the background.:smiley: Did anyone else see this? Was I hallucinating??? I swear I’m not high:p

Could be Tom Whitnah; he works for Facebook.

Ya! I totally saw that…all those anchors were being really mean to him…they were just trying to say he couldn’t do it…and that woman who sued him??? She just wants some of his money!!!

You were not hallucinating. Kara Swisher commented on the unicycle in her, “Boomtown,” column on All Things Digital: “Crazy HQ with kooky-looking employees, one of whom you know was forced to ride a unicycle through the office by Lesley.”

You can watch the 60 minutes segment from her column:

. . . or on the 60 Minutes Web page: