Mysterious clicking

I noticed that my left hub started making a clicking sound when I spun the wheel on my KH. Not sure if it is caused by any dirt (doesn’t seem too dirty) or if the bearings are messed up for some reason.
Should I rinse it out or does anyone have any other ideas?

Is anything loose?

Nothing should wiggle on the Unicycle.

Describe the clicking, many people say clicking but it’s more of a short tapping kind of sound.

Yeah, it’s like a short tapping sound. It’s stopped now that I took it apart and put it back together, but it happens every few days.
Also, I cant seem to be able to get my right crank off the hub. It seems stuck. I’m thinking I’m going to put some bike oil in to try slide it off. Would this be good or bad?

Personally I like to stick to using crank pullers. If you don’t have one go to your local bike shop and ask if you can borrow their under their supervision.

Most parts of my unicycle click.

Here is what can click, and that you can check:

-Pedal bearings are ruined, make a high pitched scratch noise.
-Loose spokes make an occasional high pitched “cling”, and if they are really loose, make a click each rotation.
-Ruined frame hub bearings make a low pitch scratch.

My advise is to retighten all your spokes, pull off your cranks and put some anti-seize on the splines, and check your bearings.

I personally like my b**ch moan when I ride her.

I like it’s bone to rattle when it hits the ground.

So instead of starting a new thread for this new problem. My uni has started clicking again and now I know what it is. The left crank is slightly loose. The bolt is quite tight in, but when I pull on the crank then push it, I can feel it move ever so slightly. If I tightent the bolt more it’s fine for a while then it starts again. I don’t think this is supposed to happen with the KH’s ISIS interface.
I put a dab of blue locktite on the bolt about a week ago to stop it from getting loose (obviously) but tonight after a lot of riding and jumping it started doing it again.

Any suggestions?

I dont think its been mentioned yet but if the crank is loose you may want to pull it, put some lube/grease on the ISIS spline and then put the crank back on. That should stop any creaking caused by the splines being dry.

it does that on my uni now. too. it stardted when i had the wheel tightended and trued. bke guy said it is normal. i think it is the spokes… or the pedals. yea. okay.

Well, I greased it up and put some locktite in. Hopefully that will work. Took it out for a spin and it was fine, but I’ll wait a few days to know for sure.

When I first got my KH it had a clicking noise as well and it seemed to be coming from the left bearing-What it turned out to be was the casing was too tight-the oppisite to what I expected-but ever since I lossened it just a little the clicking has stopped

Yeah, that was the first problem and I figured that out.
This time the left crank was slightly shifting just enough that I could feel it move.
What I’m afraid of happening is having some of the splines in the hub somewhat stripped, even slightly.

Ya that wouldnt be the best thing to happen-hopefully everything holds up for you now

Sometimes the cranks can feel loose when its actually just a loose bearing holder on the frame, you sure that isn’t the case?

I’m pretty sure it’s moving right where the crank meets the hub. Everything else seems pretty tight.

something else a clicking could be is a rock stuck on the tire hitting the frame.
i have had that bug me for a while cause i couldnt figure it out.

Nope. No rocks on this tire.