My Yuni

I have this unicycle…

For specifications, I got the basic rim (Alex Dx32) and upgraded to Air saddle.

I guess I’ll start by saying that I know almost NOTHING about the parts of a unicycle…what’s is good, whats not, how to fix it etc. I suppose my first question is … How good is that setup? I just know I really wanted a MUni and I liked the looks of that one. In hindsight I really should have posted this BEFORE buying it, but so far I’m enjoying my new baby…except for one thing. This leads into my second question…

After a few weeks having this unicycle, and taking it on the trails, it started to make ‘Click’ sounds around where the pedals attach to the wheel. Is something loose? Did I break it? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone who is reading this!


I’m not positive about this, but your crank might be loose,
some of your spokes might be loose. I’m sure some other people will have a better answer though.

my unicycle made clicky sounds for a bit, but then they stopped. maybe it’s just what new unicycles do?

I think mornish is on to something. You have what are called Cotterless Cranks (and hub) on your muni. They have a tendancy of coming loose. Eventually youll get them dialed in just right so that they’ll stay tight and you wont have to worry about them. There are quite a few threads on this forum about maintnance and proper tightening techniques if you just use the search.

It can be pretty destructive to your equipment to ride with loose cranks so get those bad boys tightened up as soon as possible!

Alot of munis today come equiped with Splined cranks (and hub) instead of Cotterless, as in your case. The splined stuff is stronger. However, for many muni riders, cotterless is plenty strong. A friend of mine had a cotterless muni for the longest time that took some amazing abuse. As long as youre not doing too many big drops, cotterless should hold up fine for ya.

Heres a little thread that address Cotterless vs. Splined:

Good call on getting the airseat.:)

Hey, Thanks guys! I’ll definitely look into tightening the cranks. Sounds like that might be it! :slight_smile:

lots of unicycles will click for different reasons.
the spokes need to be tightened.
it might be the pedals. live with it. or get a new pair
if it is a creaking noise it could be from the bearings or the cranks