My XC MUni Racer: Triton Sponge 29" Titanium!!!

I just thought I’d write a review of my new Triton Muni which I built up this week. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything but I’ll review it as a complete unicycle rather than just the frame.

Here are the specs:
Triton 29" Titanium Frame
Nimbus ISIS Hub
Quax 145mm aluminium cranks
Snafu Sealed bearing pedals
Kris Holm 29" rim
Wheelsmith Double Butted spokes
WTB 29" inner tube
WTB 29x2.1" Motoraptor tyre
Cromoly 27.2mm seatpost
Kris Holm Freeride saddle

Getting it together

First off I’d like to thank NZ for saving my project. I’m still waiting for a lightweight Kris Holm Aluminium seatpost to arrive from the UK, but I think the UK postal service has it somewhere between UDC UK and New Zealand. So Peter Bier from UDC NZ kindly donated a seatpost so that I can put the unicycle together. Thanks dude!!!

Thanks also to Dmitry from Triton and Sponge from this forum for making this frame possible. I had a few hiccups with getting the wire transfer to Russia, but in the end we managed to pay for it by Western Union. I ordered the frame just before Xmas and it arrived a week ago.

The frame is quite different to the 20" (obviously), and there were a few crucial dimensions that Roger from UDC UK helped me with, and thankfully it all fits together perfectly! It’s always nerve racking ordering the first one, but so far all the dimensions are perfect.

Customising the Ti Frame

This is the core of the unicycle even though frames in general aren’t as crucial on unicycles as the wheelset itself.
I needed a frame that took the new ISIS hubs whilst being low profile, and had adequate clearance for a 29x2.6" tyre. I don’t think that exists as yet, but my 26x2.6" tyre slot’s in there comfortably.
It also needed a short seat-tube (because I’m short) but long accomodate a 100mm adjustment (ie allows you to use 150mm cranks down 50mm).
The frame weighs just over 600g on my kitchen scales, which is about 500g lighter than my previous YUni steel frame.


There weren’t many choices for the hub. It had to be ISIS, but the only ones available are built for trials. So the choice was really between the KH ISIS (which was blue and didn’t match the frame) and the Nimbus which was black. Anyway, it’s heavier than it should be, but works well. I was after something that would handle off-road better, and the KH rim is the widest 29" rim I could find. It gives a squarer profile and greater volume to the tyre which rides better off-road. I prefer rounder profiles on-road, but I’ll write a review next week once I’ve ridden it with a Big Apple tyre.
Wheelset came in about 200g heavier than my previous one, but that was with a heavy hub and heavier rim.

The ride

I took it for a quick spin this afternoon. About 20-30km up mainly gravel and singletrack. The first thing to notice is that this thing feels solid! Not even a hint of flex in the wheel or the frame. I had to lower the tyre pressure more than I run normally just to keep from being bounced around on the unicycle.

The frame is beautifully finished. The welds are very tidy and everything centred nicely. The only gripe was that the top of the seatpost was slightly rough, but that is covered up by the seatclamp anyway. There is also some crud in my frame, as you can hear it when you shake the frame up and down (not something you’d notice when riding!). Otherwise, perfect!

I had a long slot cut into the seat-tube which gives the option of cutting down the seat-tube if it was too long (it wasn’t). However, it seemed to help improve clamping of the seatpost also. The bolt was tightened fairly loosely with no hint of twisting of the seatpost. There was ample clearance for the Motoraptor tyre, but no problems with the frame rubbing on my legs/knees.

The wheel feels pretty heavy though, and it doesn’t seem to accelerate quite as well as my old set-up, but the wider profile rim provides the tyre with extra traction up steep climbs. I was able to climb up a few loose gravelly hills I normally have trouble with. Coming downhills it seemed to roll well over bumps, but it didn’t seem as responsive as my old MUni. I think it’s partly the overstuffed saddle and slightly shorter cranks I was running (normally 152’s, but only 145mm were available).

I was a bit disappointed with the Nimbus hub, which started rusting over the lettering before I’d even put the unicycle together and gone for a ride. It’s now sprayed liberally with WD40 but still disappointed with that seeing as the hub was unused at the time. As I mentioned before, it is overbuilt overly heavy for this MUni. There is no reason to be using a trials hub for a XC Muni. I can’t wait until something lighter comes along.

The Quax cranks were great. They felt and looked pretty solid, and were reasonably light compared to most of the heavy trials cranks that are available for the ISIS hub.

Q factor is good, thanks to the straight Quax cranks, although I think it’s still slightly wider than my Suzue/Schlumpf cranks set up previously. I haven’t measured it yet. I know this because I’m getting very little tyre rub on my knees (I angle them inwards when riding fast)- it get’s rubbed raw when I’m racing.

The KH freeride seat is probably the best KH seat yet. My original intention was to put my carbon seatbase on it, but the new seat is so stiff I don’t think it will make any difference apart from adding more ‘bling’ factor. It’s also the flattest KH seat out there which is what you need for riding MUni or Road. The only problem with it is that it is overstuffed, and could lose a little bit of profile up front as well as thickness (although some of this is to do with trying make a curved seat in a flat seat I think!). Perfect if you ride a horse, not so good if you ride a unicycle. Nothing a liberal carve up with a breadknife can’t fix.

The rest of the set-up is off my old unicycle. I use sealed bearing Snafus because that’s the most stable platform I’ve used, and still my favourite pedal. It is pretty heavy though. You could probably save 2-300g by switching to something lighter.

Overall the unicycle is very slightly lighter than my old 29’er. The frame is much lighter but the wheel slightly heavier. It feels more solid and better for off-road then my old 29’er. I’ll be testing it on the road next week during The Uninam Unitour.

Here are some photos:

More pics

And with Wellington, New Zealand in the background (venue for UNICON XV)

And a few more closeups:




Nice unicycle Ken. I’m surprised you didn’t use a geared hub in it. Too heavy eh…

Hey, stop it with the brake boss shots will ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

It does look like a great unicycle though. Until I get my frame back I’m very jealous. By the way, have you got any Maguars that you can offer up to the bosses to check they are in the right position? (I’m sure they are though)

Mine rattled too when it was shook. I noticed that the holes on the bottom of the fork legs were larger on the prototype ones, so maybe that helps get the stuff out.


I’m a purist. I like things simple.

I have a Schlumpf 29" already, with a nice 1st Gen frame anyway.

I don’t see a 29" Schlumpf Guni to be very useful for most of the types of MUni races I do. Too big a jump from low to high gear.


I do have some Maggies, but I’m not putting them on because I hardly ever use brakes on my 29". I probably shouldn’t have put those bosses in there.

But if I’m free tomorrow before I head to Uninam, I’ll bolt them in to check their position.

The main problem with the frame is that it really should cost twice as much. Last thing you want is everybody on the street riding one :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you using a rail adapter at all, the seat looks a little bit tilted? I know, however, you are usually against the idea of adapters.

That uni set up looks slick. Why did you go with the motoraptor instead of say…the kenda navegal? In your set up you say you are using the 2.1 motoraptor…but say that your 2.6" tire fits in there well…what tire are you using that is 2.6" wide?

How wide of a tire will the KH 29" frame allow? (if you have looked into it already)

p.s. those hills in the background make me wish I was back in New Zealand! Hopefully I will be back out that way for new years 2010.

Good looking uni, long live 29"

Great looking.

Enjoy your new found 29"

Nice. I keep being tempted a 29er (due to lower tyre weight) but after riding other people’s 29ers I still prefer my 26x3 even for racing, certainly on stonier tracks and at night - it’s almost the same diameter and much more forgiving, although a bit more weight to pull up the climbs. But I’m just weird.

I reckon most of that extra 200g in your wheel must be the rim. UDCUK list the Nimbus ISIS hub as only about 50g heavier than the square taper version. Perhaps the cranks are a lot heavier (they certainly look meatier than the average sq-taper cranks).


I’ve not weighed them but I have these on my hockey uni and they seem pretty light, there’s a lot of material hollowed out of the back surface, I would expect them to be comparable to prowheels.

Just noticed Ken said his previous hub was a Suzue, which looks to be significantly lighter than the UDC CrMo hub. So it’s actually about 100g heavier hub (Nimbus ISIS vs Suzue)


Yeah! :slight_smile:

You finally got it.

Hey James,

I don’t use a rail adaptor (curse those things!). It adds complexity, weakness, seatheight, and weight without contributing much. You may or may not need the angle adjustment, but you certainly don’t need forward and backward adjustment on a unicycle. I think it’s looks tilted up more as an illusion, although it might be slightly. I prefer my seat flat though.

The Motoraptor is on there because that what I had on my previous 29". I swapped it over because I wanted to see what difference the wider rim makes. The answer is ‘alot!’. It adds volume and squares out the profile. It’s more akin to riding a much bigger tyre because of that. I intend to put on something bigger than a Motoraptor at some stage, although I love the Motoraptor tread- it sticks like velcro.

There is no 29x2.6 tyre at the moment, but I left it big enough that if one comes out in future, I can put it in there. My 26x2.6 Nokian Gazzoloddi slots in there quite well though.

Yes, Robs right- my old 29’er is a YUni (steel frame) which was equipped with a Suzue hub, narrow Alex Adventurer rim, and currently 152mm Aluminium Sclumpf cranks.
I think the wheel non-including the tyre/tube/pedals (ie hub, rim, spokes, cranks) came to about 900g on my kitchen scales. The Nimbus wheelset on my Triton came to about 1100g from memory.

I want another one!

Will let you know some measurements in a couple of weeks for a 36" Triton :stuck_out_tongue:

Very very nice.

Being weight conscious, I would get my hands on a scott wallis SB and handles. Coupled with a thomson masterpiece (80grams), you’d save another 500+grams.

Also, have you tried the Welgo MG1s? They have superb grip and are the lightest platform pedals out there. I got my set for $30 from australia.

I’ve got a Wallis deathrip handle already. I don’t think there’s a lot of weight difference between that and the plastic handle.

I may end up putting my KH carbon base if it’s lighter.

As for the Thompson, I don’t think it will be any lighter than the KH Alloy post which I’m currently waiting for. I’m quite short and it is an expensive seatpost most of which will need to be cut down.

I wish I could get my hands on a right handed deathgrip handle, but scott isn’t taking orders anymore is he?


a 26X3" Gaz on a LM rim. Obviously requires adapters to fit Maguras w/ the 26" rim though.