My (video) uni diary xD

Well, I saw a guy that did a day by day of him learning, so I decided, hell, I’ll video me for your humorous benefit.

Day 1, unicycle came in around 6:30 pm, so I had time to put it together and try it inside/in a lighted area. So, I started in my hallway, and kinda dented the wall, so I move to the garage, where I hurt myself in various places (viewable on the vid) and eventually call it quits because the meatloaf was ready xD

Thought the two songs were somewhat applicable :]

That’s pretty much how I taught myself. Riding around in the garage, then pretty soon down the driveway, etc.

Good luck, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

day 2 part one is currently importing. Part 2 will come when my tailbone isn’t throbbing >.< Damn concrete doesn’t mix with high speed and bones.

And tight pants. :slight_smile:

ah well I was wearing shorts and compression shorts (like a jock support, but goes down to thigh) to help the gonad situation. My jeans might have helped x] they’re paddy.

this i didnt put music on (forgot) and there’s some repeating in the end (i dont know what imovie did x] ) but the end is when i smash my tailbone. Skip to there if you want a laugh x]

HAHAHAHA!!! that was funny at the end.
Just a couple of pointers from a fellow learner. Just try learning to ride before freemounting and all that other stuff. Without being able to ride the rest is useless.
Secondly, you need to find a bigger, longer practice area. You’re only going to crash into things and cause yourself (or other stuff) more damage. Try to find a nice long rail to hold onto. Perhaps at your school or somewhere nearby.

For more help and great suggestions have a look here

full of useful info trying to help another learner similar to yourself.

Great idea with the video diary though.

Oh, and fiddling with your ipod probably isn’t helping either. You need to concentrate more.

x] trust me, im concentrating, just skipping songs i didnt want. I went outside yesterday (wasn’t raining, video was 2 days ago) and i freemounted and rode 30 feet, it was pretty sweet, wish i had it on video.

You hurt your tailbone. I did that once, it was the WORST thing lol everything became a chore haha nasty nasty, cool vid love the examining of the wall haha did u get chucked in the garage by anychance haha nice :smiley:

Ha, pretty much, my mom just told me to not ride inside anymore. Now that I rode outside I can’t go inside at all with it, if I buy a new tire I could though :]