My Unicycle SIF Learning Logs:

My Unicycle SIF Learning Logs:

For you beginners SIF = Seat In Front = Standing on unicycle pedal(not sitting on saddle) and riding it. Yes….Seriously. It can be done.

I have already mastered SIF, so this documents my learning process that I want to share.
There’s a lot of info detailing and explaining the process. Techniques and mistakes.
There are 6 distinct parts(phases) that are easy to follow:

Phase 1(Initial Experience & Feel): Using assistance(high rail/wall/fence).
Phase 2(getting better): Using less assistance(low rail/wall/fence).
Phase 3(Initial Experience & Feel): No assistance. Just mount up and let go. WTF!
Phase 4(success, Got it): I am a SIF’r now!! How did you do it?
Phase 5(adv SIF Techniques): Improvements. Efficiency! Distance! Easier!
Phase 6(SIF free-mounting): “Yes, nothing to hold around here? How can I SIF?

To clarify, detail and “de-mystify” what I did, I will create a topic page for each Phase.
The first will be Phase 1(Initial Experience & Feel).
Coming soon.

If you are trying to learn but are “stuck” specifically in one of my “phases”
I think I can really help you get “unstuck”. So wait for that phase/topic page and comment back.

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