My unicycle is squeaking

My KH36" Geared unicycle just started squeaking yesterday not entirely sure what is making the noise but I think it might be the bearings. The noise seems to come from the left side of the hub and only while it is under load such as putting a lot of weight on the pedals. I have ridden 2800 km’s since I received this unicycle.

How difficult are bearings in schlumpf hubs to replace compared to normal unicycle hubs? I know one side is smooth but the side with the noise is the knurled side. My hub is an early one M0122, I’ve never replaced bearings before.

Video showing what I mean

Have you been greasing it at regular intervals?

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I greased it in January this year probably a little too much. I put in an order for more grease last week. Thinking it might be the pedals too when I get time I’ll try swapping out the pedals.

I solved the mystery a few weeks ago my tyre blew while it was parked at work. I just assumed it was high PSI, hot sun old tyre. I replaced the tyre with a niterider light and later had the wheel rebuilt with a 36" Nimbus Stealth 2 Disc rim.

Since these upgrades I haven’t heard the noise at all so I’m assuming it must have been coming from the tyre. Just as well it didn’t blow while I was riding it.