Hi :slight_smile:

I made a blog to show pics and facts of my trip to UNICON.

I will try to post everyday, but I’m not carrying my notebook, so I will depend of a Lan House (Place to use intenet).

Here is the url:

I’m still changing some details… Later I will post something about my 2 new sponsors!!! :smiley: :wink: :smiley:


PS: I’m double posting everything! One in english and other in portugese!

cool, who are the new sponsors?

SECRET :roll_eyes:

I will post soon… They are BIG and important in the unicycling world :D:D:D

I’m justing closing some details and I will post soon as possible… Probably they will post here too!

New Post! Now going to bed!

See you in Denmark!

Congrats Pedro!!!


I´m using a weird keyboard here in UNICON social gym!

I updated my blog, check it!

Just 3 pics, one from the ceremony, one from unisalg shop and the coolest: Joe Hodges landing a 9 pallets side hop! Its on film too, I will try to post soon!


Top Secret?

“I said that I get new sponsors. First, Kris Holm is sponsoring me, to incentivate the extreme unicycling here in South America. The other sponsor is the Danish website,!”

Are you getting two new ones on top of that?


I got 2 new sponsors. But I talked with Lars from unisalg, and probably I will be sponsored by (All), and not just

It was a secret… because I wasnt able to talk about the new sponsors… but now everything is fine!


Hey Pedro, Nathan from the Canadian team here, I’m in the school with my macbook on the first floor, if you want to use mine let me know and I’d be happy to let you update your blog.

omg cant wait for the vid

How soon is soon? :smiley:

You better mean very soon! Congrats on the sponsors too!!


Well, this is soon! But I dont have any cool pics yet…

we had the freestyle pairs competition today, and it was really cool! The japaneses did the best runs…

Two guys (i dont know where they come…), did a cool run too… Using rock song…

Its everything on film, but here I dont have time to put it online…

I will update my blog, but I think that I just have some pics of me… I will see…

Now some guys are riding outside, I will check…

EDIT: Thanks Nathan! At least now this computers are working… Any problem and I will find you! See you soon!

Wait for the street comp tomorrow, I think that we will see some cool fotage…