my uni vid

hey since everyone’s posting their uni vids i figured that i might as well post mine. It’s only like 1 minute and 16 megs. if ne one knows a free video hosting site that offers more than 20 megs than let me know. the uni footage isn’t all that great but hey im still on my first year!

not bad, it needs more riding and less credits, try loading your movie into the free4all gallery

yah i know next time ill put the end credits on during the bloopers. but I couldn’t add to many clips any ways because each clip is like 4 to 5 megs each so it’s hard adding alot of uni clips without going over 20 megs.

Nice movie, liked the hops and the drops. Try and compress your video, cos I only got to see about 3 seconds before it continued buffering… Would have been better if i could have just downloaded it… but the movie was good!

good video kinda short but atleast you acully made one unlike me im to lazy to make one