My uni is looking sweet...

I bought my first uni spring break of this year, its a cheap 20" norco (it was $140, $160 with tax). So recently i went back to the place i bought it at and got a KH seat, which is alot more comfortable than my viscount seat, and i think the handle is just awesome! And for my birthday I got this nice grippy tire, and today i got it put on, It has so much more traction that my other tire, which was pretty smooth and had no grip. So today i take an overall look at my uni, and let me tell, it looks alot better than it did a month ago. And its more comfortable to ride, and with the new tire I can now take on some rougher terrain!!!

Wow, sounds pretty cool :slight_smile: Any pics??

No pics yet, i dont have a digital camera or a scanner, but i know someone who has a scanner, so there will be some pics in the near future :slight_smile: