My uni floats!!

I was attempting to ride a wall that separates a swimming area from a river. The wall is made of stone and concrete and as i tried my first mount on the wall I hit a rock protruding up from the concrete. This resulted in a upd and my muni bouncing off into the river. Thank goodness that the 3" gazz floats( as does the kh seat) I just went a few meters down the river and stood on some rocks while my muni came to me. fortunately the current isnt too strong there. Has anyone else had experience with a floating muni?

I know from experience that a Yuni Muin with a 24x3 Gazz will also float. I tried crossing a dam a while back and had a UPD which resulted in the Muni being up a creek without a paddle. I watched as it floated to a shallow spot, then reached in and retrieved it

I’m not sure if my uni floats. But there was a thread on this topic a while back. Too bad the search function on the forum doesn’t go that far back. As I recall, there were some pictures that accompanied a short post.


The newsgroup search on Google still works. :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread about floating unicycles with pictures.

I tried that newsgroup search on google right after i posted. I found the thread, but I didn’t know how to find it on the site so I could see the pics. How’d you do that?

EDIT: Of course right after I posted this, I saw the link on the bottom of the google page.


well…that just proves that you aren’t a slicktired MUni rider. Change the damn handle!

See you in Deep River (I’ll be leaping off that drop that took me and my FSR out without a runup…man I love unicycles!)

The KH 20 floats nicely.

My custom muni floats…my legs don’t. I had to give the muni a good clean after not quite making a creek gap.


My custom miyata does NOT float. I came perilously close to losing it on one ride. We were riding along the edge of a canal and I ducked to go under a low beam and lost my uni over the edge. It was fully submersed and almost out of sight by the time I got a hold of it. The canal was about 5 metres deep and flowed straight out to sea. That was the last time I did canal riding with a freestyle uni :slight_smile:

What’s a custom Miyata?