my tube exploded

i’m very sad. My unicycle’s tube exploded last saturday :frowning:
I’m trying to find a replacement here in Argentine, but it seems that it is impossible to find a 24 x 2.5-2.75 tube (for my Torker DX 24").

And I’m looking also in and but it seems that this kind of tube is also somewhat rare.

the question is:
Do you know where can I buy (via a online-store is USA) a 24" x 2.5-2.75 tube ?
Can I use any other size like 24" x 2.6 ?


24"x2.6 should be fine.

As long as the diameter is correct, the tube will expand until it reaches the sidewalls anyway, though a smaller tube will be thinner when it has expanded to the sidewalls.

May be a little more susceptible to punctures/pinch flats? Should be ok though.

yeah, just go get yourself the next size down and it will be ok.:smiley:

when you order one, you should get two or three. Always good to have spares.

Dont worry about tube diameter. 1.75 works in 3.0" tires.