My Torker LX Pro Story...

I had been waiting for the Torker LX Pro (long) to become available for a couple months. I pre-ordered it and it finally arrived about month ago. I was disappointed to see the frame had been dinged up in shipping and there was also a hole in the top of the frame that came from the factory that way. Apparently someone had ground the metal too thin and they painted it anyway. Maybe when it got dinged it shipping, the paint exposed this thin area. On top of that, I was missing the seat clamp. None the less, the company I ordered it from and the rep from Seattle Bike Supply were very nice and sent out the clamp right away. The frame took longer because they forgot to ship it and it also had to go to the retailer first then to me. In the mean time, I installed a Gusset PIMP tire and waited. Finally, today it arrives and I can go for my first ride on it. I’m almost done and I’m putting on the seat and I notice the seat is tilted to one side, WTF? So I take it out of the frame and remove the seat from the post. The mount on top of the post has been welded crooked. You’ve got to be kidding me. I have about $230 invested in this cycle and I still haven’t ridden it. Anyway, I emailed all the parties involved again and sent my pictures. The are sending me out a new post.

My review, today I was able to ride it regardless. I don’t want to wait any longer. I put some washer on the low side of the seat and screwed it down so it would be level. I had a lot of fun with my son who has just learned. I ent from a 1986 Cycle Pro 24" to this 20". I am so happy I got the 20". It is so much easier to spin and trick with. The tire is great because it can handle more pressure for ground spins and such. All in all I guess I will have a pretty nice uni for the money. It should last me for the time being. I’m sure I will have to upgrade the pedals & wheel if my son and I decide to get more aggressive.

well that sucks!
they should take more care when building unicycle frames etc, and can you claim compensation for the delivery people?
regardless it looks very pretty,
ad my 9 year old brother has the same unicycle as your son, but his has a flame saddle :wink:

Thanks for the review, I was wondering how the LX Pro would do in the real world.

Sorry about all the hassle, I’m beginning to understand the value in quality control. I always assumed the parts just appeared by magic! :wink:

Wow, hard to figure that post

I worked as a welder- fitter in the late 70’s. When we had to make a bunch of parts, we made a jig. This was a fixture that would hold parts, or have parts clamped to it. This allowed lots of parts to be welded up, once the jig had been made, with no more measurement. For instance, if the seat mount is clamped to the jig, the post would be clamped to another part of the jig, so the parts would be assembled exactly right. A jig is basically a custom clamping setup, that holds all the parts in the exact correct position, before they are welded.

I can’t believe they make them without a jig :thinking: . Eye balling it is more work, to get poorer results. Pro’s only eyeball align and weld one off things. Making 100’s of posts, they must have a jig. Yet, with a decent jig, such misalignment is impossible.

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Here you go. I posted 2 longer responses prior to the one you see with helpful information. They obviously weren’t approved because they aren’t there. Nothing fowl was said or no advertising either. The thread starter actually sent me a private message asking fir my help with his Pro Torker. I can assure you one thing, if I am going to take the time to write a helpful and lengthy post and they are going sensor me, then I just won’t post anymore. I happy to have found this site and I feel I am contributing in a good way but that’s BS!

Sux about your uni coming and being not right so many time. I always hate waiting for something after I order it, feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Have fun uniing with your son. All three of mine do and we have ALOT of fun together.

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When I was a new user a few posts of mine that included links to outside sites went through the same process. It’s an automatic feature of the forum software and I think it stopped when my post count hit 15 posts or so.

When I was a new user a few posts of mine that included links went through the same process. It’s an automatic feature of the forum software and I think it stopped when my post count hit 15 posts or so.

In that case, here’s #15 :smiley:

Thanks very much for telling your Torker story. QU-AX have a similiar model for a similar price and I have never heard of these problems with them.

My friend bought a Torker LX Pro and when he took it home he found that one of the pedals was snapped so he took it back. :frowning:
A couple of days later he got it back and started riding it only to find that they replaced the pedal BUT it had been cross-threaded, so once again the unicycle was taken back.

Finally he got the uni back and after riding it for a bit the crank fell off… its just FELL OFF. SO that was fixed and now he’s happy… kinda. I am just waiting for something else to go wrong. :slight_smile:

5 x KHs, 3 x QU-AX and 2 x Chinese cheapys, no problems with any of them and they all cop a thrashing. No Torkers :slight_smile:

Will this unicycle hold up to freestyle and flatland tricks?

hmm nice unicyclist