my stupidest pedal bite

ok so i feel rerally stupid, i was out riding on my back porch, did a static hop down the 4 stair and got a bad pedal bite. whats so stupid about that, you may say, its on my arm!

just thought id share, am i the only one whos done that or are we all stupid

Ive done that too, unicycle went foward on the ground, i tripped and put my hands out, then bam! right on my arm, it sucked lol

thats exactly what happened, welcome to stupidism

wow, never heard of a pedal bite on someones arm before…impressive.
I’ve had a few stupid ones, like when you’re just riding along and your foot slips off and it slams you in the shin, that always hurts. that happens to someone in the bloopers part of Defect, he’s just riding along and suddenly falls on the ground, its pretty funny.

I once got hit in the teeth with the end of my Reeder handle.

ive gotten pedal bites on my shins(front and back), knees, calves and even once on my butt. but never above the waist…maybe i should try doing trials with my hands on the pedals tommorow:D

I’ve kneed myself in the chin while doing hops and drops, and yeah I think takin a saddle to the face. Also got a pedal bite on the top of my thigh :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch, I need a bar end for mine, it makes my thumb bleed for some tricks…not fun stuff.

I hit myself in the chin with the seat on a huge SIF gap, it hurt but I still made it. :smiley:

i guess well turn this into “the stupidest way youve gotten hurt thread”

ithink tomsey wins! hahahahahahahahahahahaha! he kickied him self in the head and got knocked out!

zomed-unconcious2.jpg there is my worst peddal bite I just got it.

thats a good one man!
here’s one of munimanpete, the worst one I’ve ever seen.

I slammed my teeth in to my KH handle when doing a big SIF drop. It was at a trials show so I couldn´t show any signs of pain beacuse then everybody would laugh at me :smiley:

i got a pedal bight on my butt. i didnt take a picture because… umm. lets just leave it at that.

o yeah i forgot. i hit my shin on a gridning rail at the skatepark and it resulted in a bump about 1 1/2 inches off of my shin. it happend about 3 and 1/2 months ago. i still have a tiny bump but its like solid bone. weird. anyone elts had a massive bump any where?

A friend of mine got a smallish pedal scratch on his face at motorama 05 (I think that’s when it happened)

one time a friend of mine had his pedal bite him and you could pretty much see the bone through his shinskin…it was so deep, and bleeding so bad. crazy.

I havent done nything as stupid as these but my worst pedal bit so far has been when i was one foot idleing and slipped. The unicycle was too tall 4 me nyway but it came and smacked me in the shin sliced it up nd then i fell flat on my face :o

Yeah my same friend got one about 3 inches long to bone the whole way. He clutched his leg for a while then nailed the same line he fell on like a trooper. After the ride we went back to Tim’s house where Tim’s mom (Registered Nurse) recommended he go to the hospital as soon as possible for at least a dozen stitches. He ignored that of course.