My Street runs at BUC

I will try and get the others up at some point, i cannot work GKs footage so i am uploading mine but i’d like to see GKs if someone could put it on you tube

These were my runs, i got 3rd internationally 2nd in the British.
not the best of my abilities but i think i did ok under competion conditions and after, Freestyle competition, Trials, Hockey games all in the same day, and the night before a heavy one of 3 cans of Strongbow lol

feedback would be cool

Aaahhhahahaha! You guys should see this guy, he is a funny drunk :slight_smile:


Get my first run up, wanna see how bad it was…I totally blew it with that run.


Ok, now, I know that’s off-topic, but I couldn’t resist: Lucas I wish someone filmed your advanced freestyle routine. It was really awesome and funny
at the same time. It definitely rocked! :slight_smile:

Good runs, very funny!


The sound guy looks a bit bored though.

oh man,

for street comps i think we need to cut the time limit wayyyyyyyy down…

good run buddy,


i think that’s daft! I thought it was too short but after watching it, i guess it’s perfect. At unicon the run was 3 minutes. It’s hard to judge untill you actually compete, plus any shorter and I think it would cause riders to rush and not show us their best.

that’s my opinion.


and an easy one too :smiley: ahaha good times, i wish i was there again :smiley:

Cool Lucas, the video cuts off partway for me but I will go watch it on a different computer and it will probablly work there.

BUC 2006? I thought it was 2007? :slight_smile:

sorry didnt realise i said 2006 anywhere it is 2007,
If anyone could post any more pics of freestyle or street that would be cool

You can’t talk! You were a reet laugh too!

I already had 5-6 beers tonight and look at the typing, perfect!

Ha, wish it was longer, love you all.

Mike xxx