My son's unicycling debut on the Oprah Show

A few weeks ago my 11 year old son Andrew found out about a talent search that the Oprah Show was doing for a show about talented kids. He sent in a video he put together of himself riding his new KH20 (his first day on it). He’s been riding for about 2 and a half months.

About a week ago we were contacted by the show and they said they were interested in possibly having Andrew on the show in Chicago. As it turns out, he will not be traveling to Chicago but they will show a portion of his video on the show. It will be on Monday, November 17. I don’t expect much footage but it will still be very cool.



2 1/2 months isn’t really enough training to get into a real segment, I don’t think.

“Oh cool, maybe I can get something for it at the pawn shop!”
“What’s a GUu–ní?”
“Wow, this must be worth almost as much as a bike!”
“How on earth am I supposed to ride this?”

that’s really cool! I’m not really a fan of oprah but I’ll probably catch that if I have time. how long will you be in Chicago?

Any chance someone can film it and post it online? I’d be interested to see it. Congrats on getting on the show!

I can record it and post it online.

Is this the video, by any chance?

Yes, that’s what he submitted. They will only show a small portion of it on the show. I know for a lot of the guys here it may not look like much but he is just starting out. This video was filmed on his first day on a trials uni. His learners uni did not hold up to him learning to jump.