my son's first muni Ride!

tody i took my 6 years old son for his first muni ride…we took the bus for the uphill, so we could do a downhill from 1100 m to 400m…he had great fun…so did i :wink:

looks fun
in 20 years ill take my son for a muni ride :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I was brought up to unicycle… then I’d be so much better now :frowning:

The ride looked like good fun for both of you :slight_smile: , and I expect to see him doing that drop off the tree stump next time… :stuck_out_tongue:

…yes the same here… i started with 32 :astonished: :astonished:

Wow, so commendable! I cannot wait until I have kids. To see you two riding side by side in the mountains and snow would be a fantastic sight for a passer by. And his stuffed animals in his pack!? How cute.

awesome, what a good dad you are!

Those are fantastic photos! Congratulations to both of you. I remember my son’s first Muni ride well - he had just turned 7…now he’s going to be 16 next month. The question for you is, how long are you going to be able to keep up with him?! I sure can’t anymore.


that’s what I call memorable moments. Great pictures. I bet it brought a tear to aspenmike’s eye! Ha! THanks for sharing them with us!

Noah rocks!

You have an awesome place to MUni!

His smile says it all. :slight_smile:

What beautiful pictures.

+1 for Picasa, nice pictures too btw

That’s awsome!:smiley:

Who was the photographer?

Contents of that backpack tell a wonderful story!

What a kid!




How inspiring! I just bought my daughter her first unicycle, but don’t expect she’ll be ready to even try riding it for a year or more. Your pictures and story have me very excited to see that day come!

stud muffin 6 year old. Unfortunately I’m the one teaching my father. The back pack contents made me laugh. That looks like a totally fun ride.

That’s really cool! :smiley:

thanks for the comments and yes liechtenstein/switzerland is a perfect place for muni…

that was either noah or me or the self-timer of the camera…

I am jealous!: waiting for the same thing to happen with grand-son or grand-daughter but none for the moment wishes to learn uni/muni …
so this week we just had a ride with grand-son on bike and me on uni …
hurrah for Noah!