My Ride

I hadn’t posted this yet, so here you go, here’s my Uni.

"24 Club Freestyle all stock. (I could be wrong, but this looks very much like a Nimbus :slight_smile: )

Club is a budget Nimbus (more or less).

Your frame is backwards (in case you didn’t know). :slight_smile:

Nice uni, Love the colour Batou :slight_smile: Great uni to learn on.
I’ve got the little sis and big bro to that uni :wink: , ie the 20’’ and the 26’’. The little un is on loan to my brovver. The 26’’ has served me well since I got it 3? years ago, it is almost indestructable :slight_smile: I have done miles along Prestatyn prom on that.

Bet you’re already eying up your next uni though ???:stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :wink: :smiley:


Actually, I didn’t. Thanks for the heads up . The frame and cranks came assembled, but I had to put the wheel and pedals on, so did I get the seat on wrong ? Guess I’ll need to rotate the seat and switch the pedals to correct that , right ?

UDC makes both nimbus and club. So they are very similar unicycles.

The most important thing is that the cranks and pedals are the right way around, they are the only directional bits on a uni (aside from the saddle).

As for backward frame… start a trend :smiley:

Got it


The cranks were already on, so when I get home today, I’ll turn the seat around and switch the pedals, and left and right will be reversed :slight_smile:

(Guess that’s why it was so hard to ride ! ) :slight_smile:

cranks and pedals work as a pair. they are both threaded one way or the other.

both cranks and pedals will be marked L or R, if they fitted together in the first place they are probably correctly paired.

They are directionally threaded so that the pedal doesn’t fall off from pedalling forwards.

Just make sure the crank and pedal marked L is on the left side of the uni as you ride and the R is on the right. It might just be that you need to turn the saddle round or you might need to do nothing at all.


Got home and check the Uni, if you’re referring to the clip for the seat being on the front, then the frame might not be backwards, that clip rotates 360 degrees, the pedals and cranks however, were correctly mounted on the correct sides. (I did move the clip around tho ! :slight_smile: ) If I’m wrong, feel free to let me know, as I KNOW that I don’t KNOW when it comes to Uni’s :slight_smile:

The “clip” (usually called clamp) rotates freely but there is a slot in your frame that does not. The slot should be pointed toward the rear and then the clamp should be rotated so that the slot is in the area of the clamp that opens. This way when you tighten the clamp it won’t cause unnecessary wear and tear.

All you need to do is leave the wheel the way it is in the picture (if left is on left and right is on right) and then flip your frame around and turn your seat so it’s facing the correct direction. Don’t worry about flipping cranks or pedals or anything like that, just turn your frame and seat.

Rotating the seatpost clamp will be fine. The slot on the frame “usually” is on the back, but not always. As has been said before the only critical thing is that the pedals are on the correct sides. While it won’t hurt the uni to ride with the seat backwards it may be better for the rider if the handle is in front;)

Got it

When I get home tonight, I’ll check it, if the slot is pointed the wrong way, I’ll fix it. I’ll also double-check the cranks and the pedals. (after all, I want everything running the right way, if not, I’ll have to mail order cranks or pedals otherwise ) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist, I appreciate it !

The frame doesn’t care which way it faces. Unless you have somehow broken your pedals/cranks you don’t need new ones. Just make sure that your left foot is on the crank marked “L”, and you’ll be fine.