My Ride At School

For my structured writing class we had to do a how to brochure and so I obviously choose unicycling, which meant I could bring my unicycle into school today. I brought my Nimbus Trials, which I had also brought last semester and every thing went well then so I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about any problems. When I got to school I went to biology to hang out for a while before math and a bunch of people I know asked why I had a unicycle and I asked them why the didn’t. Whenever someone asked to try I let them because I knew that they couldn’t do it so they might was well try and have some fun. When I got to math class people were glad to see that I brought the uni again but after class was over I was standing in the hall talking to a friend when this teacher told me that I wasn’t suppose to have “those” in school and I said it was for a project and then she responded with an “oh” and I walked away. In my writing class my presentation went really good, I tired to idle when telling the information but I didn’t have a lot of space so I just stood there after I upd. The best part was when my teacher tried to unicycle, she didn’t really go far but she still got the experience and it was funny watching her. I had lunch next which was the best time to show off my skills. During lunch I had it under my table and several girls asked who’s unicycle that was and they were impressed and so after that I headed out to the courtyard where a bunch of people where. Last time I brought the unicycle to school everyone was watching me but I didn’t ride out in the open a lot because I thought the police officers might get pissed off at me but this time I saw that there was only one officer and I knew she was really nice and didn’t really care. The majority of people who wanted to try my unicycle where black girls, which I didn’t expect and I let they try because there wasn’t any harm in it. I started to ride around and everyone started looking at me so I did some tricks like wheel walking, seat out in front, and riding backwards. In the middle or the courtyard there’s this manhole cover that’s like a dome and comes out of the ground. I tried to rolling hop over it but the first two times I had the cranks in the wrong position so I kind of just flew off it but the third time I made it and everyone was clapping and stuff. I was about to do some more things like suicide mount but then the bell rang so I headed off to biology. After biology I went to gym and I asked my teacher if I could put something in his room. He expected something small but was surprised when he looked up and saw that it was a unicycle, and so I told him that I would show him some tricks after class. After class in a skinny hallway I did some stuff that did previously like seat in back, wheel walking, and one footed with a large on looking crowd. After the bell rang I was going to the courtyard again and some people asked to try it and this one guy must have learned a while ago because he was able to go for a while and turn around but had to start off at a wall. This girl and her friends asked me to ride which I did and they were all amazed and she said thanks and that it made her day and this other guy said he hadn’t ridden since he was 6 but my seat was to high so he couldn’t do it. Over all I had probably 11 or people try it and I came to these conclusions:

  1. Unicyclists really are girl magnets
  2. Unicycles will make you cooler.


Sounds fun, and also it sounds like you were a good ambassador for the sport.

As you referred to structured writing, might I make so bold as to suggest the occasional paragraph? It makes reading so much easier. If you put a lot of effort into writing something, you want to know people will enjoy reading it.

In normal writing, paragraphs can be shown by indenting the first word of the first line of the new paragraph. However, for writing on screen, it helps to separate the paragraphs with a space, like I have done in this post. Use a new paragraph for each new idea.

Let’s have some more of these stories of how much we enjoy our sport.

thats a long but interesting story for a very simple conclusion.

that was a fun story to read:p

Deos a 20" uni fit in a locker?

thats a good question. that was an awesome story

i had a similar story and i had the same conclusion

  1. unicycles are chick magnets
  2. they will make you cooler

and any time i walk by the kindergardeners they all say ,“hi unicycle boy”
or,“tricycle boy”:stuck_out_tongue: i love it…

haha sorry about that :roll_eyes: at my school a 20" couldn’t fit in a locker.

That was a good story, I have brought my uni to school twice for projects. One time my friend tried to ride and he UPDed right away and fell into a pile of backpacks and cut his leg open. He got blood all over his sock but it was really funny.

The supervisor people at my school are really uptight and they wouldn’t let me carry it around. I brought it for my video production class last year and of course I was dressed as a clown for our movie and we were filming outside and they tried to take me to the office for having the uni but I talked them out of it because we were filming. I would never walk all the way across campus and sit in the office wearing a clown suit.

Oh and when I brought it for an English project I left it in there all day and I heard from friends in other periods that my teacher was trying to ride it, I don’t think he mastered the “sitting on it” part yet and nut himself.:slight_smile:

Maybe that is why he is in the class :roll_eyes: :wink:

did you get any phone numbers out of the whole thing? I took my uni to school once for a presentation about myself, but I kept it in a bag all day. I don’t like too much attention.

1.) Girl magnets erase the magnetic strips on your credit card. Stay away from them.

2.) You are already cooler. Unicycles just allow other people to make that realization.

The best thing to do is to go into an out of town bike store and ask to try a unicycle, act really bad at first and the get good really quick and be like what are people talking about, this isn’t hard at all and walk out. It works really well if your a girl too cuz they would never expect it, lol

why exactly did you dig up this thread?

I don’t see why not. It was there so he/she decided to type something in it. :smiley:

Ah well since its up I would like to point out that this doesnt work forever and doesnt work at my school. Too many people have ridden to school that now people just ignore us or dont like us. The yard duty people just yell at you and take it away or tell you to get off. But over all everyone doesnt like unicycling. Were just too cool for them.

That’s a pretty childish high school if they take your unicycle away.

Unless you’re riding in the halls… but even then, at my school, a teacher will just tell you to get off.