My prototype muni

After breaking 3cranks and two hubs on my home built monty uni, i thought it was time for a bombproof setup.
Check it out!
My photos

while Saving for weeks for a profile hub and crank set, i set about making the uni frame.

I got the tubing from a cart racing store. Cut the tubes and metal plate and welded it to a set of united bearing caps. The uni is based on a chris holm uni, just a bit heavier and cheaper.

Wheel- 24*3 inch Duro leapard tyre.
Sun rhino lite rim and steel spokes
Hub- Profile
Cranks- Profile
Peddles- DMR V8’s
Seat- Viscount

I painted it with black and red spraypaint, with a clear coat finish.
I want to get a doublewide rim for it as soon as i can find one in australia. Does anyone know any other options in aus for a really wide rim which can run a brake on it.

I plan to get some brake bosses welded on it as soon as i can afford it!

What do you think, not bad for a perth boy hey?

If anyone wants some more info on it, Id be glad to provide it!

Cool looking. Nice color. Thanks alot for the photos.

Very nice. All these photos of frames that people have been making is becoming an inspiration to me. I’ve got a friend who builds race car chasis and I think I might talk him into a little project.

Re: My prototype muni

Really sweet unicycle, it looks alot like Kris Holm’s uni (not Chris), lol,
sorry. Very nice job, I like the colour too!


How it rides.

After taking it for a couple of rides, this is my progress.

The long cranks definatly help with ease of riding, and the profile setup is flawless.

I can feel no visable flex in the frame, so mabey next time i will use lighter tubing.

The uni does squeak slightly when riding around the bearing area, under both little and large pressure, no more under large though, any thoughts on what it might be, i dont think its the cranks, mabey its the bearings moving in the frame mounts??

The Duro tyre is a beast, definatly needs a wider rim though, when i hop sideways with low pressure i can feel it rolling a bit, a wider rim will stop this. What type of pressure do people run in there 3 inchers anyway?
The viscount seat sucs for trials, ill have to make a handle for it.

Needs a brake, but thats coming.

Its a lot easier to wheel walk than a 20!!

Will get some riding pics out soon!