my pics

i just used a disposable camera so the pictures arent that great but i had a good time!

Out of curiosity exactly how painful is having a crank snap while riding? It’s not something I hope to find out first hand, but I’m intrigued.

I’ve seen a crank fall off while riding; it just resulted in a fairly ordinary UPD. But having one snap while landing, when you’re trying to put loads of weight on a pedal that isn’t there any more? That must really, really hurt

Phil, just me

i dunno

it didnt hurt that much because i landed on grass.But , really it was more of a shock then anything.

Re: i dunno

Fair enough. I was just wondering if the snapping causes all your dropping weight to be distributed between one foot and, umm, certain anatomical parts not designed to be load bearing…

Phil, just me


the cranks i was using were not ment for what i was doing and the crank was already stripped a bit to ( old uni , new rim).

isnt this the pic that Justin_Kozy posted and said it was him?


ok u got me

this is my new account because i didnt want to keep that old one and as you’v noticed i havent done anything with this new account and i think ill keep it that way/

ok i wont tell anybody :wink:

I myself have had the pleasure of snapping several cranks and axles. There isn’t much exitement here, and really no pain either. Your foot simply continues on it’s path towards the ground, not stopping where it normally would. The only way you could hurt yourself is if you were landing a drop somewhere dangerous (side of cliff),(pit of man eating animals) and you fell in/off , or the sharp piece of your crank that just broke, slices your ankle open.
Breaking a crank is not all it’s cracked up to be :smiley:


Cool pictures, keep up the good work.