My pedal is bent?

Just wondering how often this happens?

I was doing some small hops today (nothing bigger than like 4 inches) and I noticed when I was fixing my pedal for a freemount that it was bent. Not the crank or anything, the actual pedal was off set from the piece of metal holding it to the crank. That seems strange, it’s a Nimbus II 24 that’s less than a month old and I don’t ride very strenuously.

Buy a new one? Call UDC? What do you guys think?

If they are unsealed bearings or crappy pedals i reckon the spindle is ragged…
New pedals for you!

Any recommendations? And any reason to not just ride these until they’re fried?

That sucks.

Just ride them until they explode like my last pedals did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha Shay, that was a pretty funny response. Made me laugh :slight_smile:

I’d get some Odyssey Twisted PCs.

Haha, i was thinking about just writing ‘that sucks’ and nothing else, but i decided to give more input.

Furthermore, i dont think you should get the odyssee pedals because if you own a 24, chances are you are doing muni, and you dont want a chance of slippage in the damp forrest. Get some low profile metals, maybe like the popular mg-1’s or something. I would suggest demolitions though, They have a nice buge surface to stand on.

Thanks, I didn’t read the whole thing.

I got pwned :frowning:

Maximum pwnage :wink:
Oh and back to one of his questions…
I would not recommend riding them as if the pedal comes unattached while riding you could injure yourself and be out for a while…

i broke those.:smiley:

get some new pedals the stock pedals arnt the best i snapped them where the spindle connects up jumping of a table(i got pretty messed up)replace them before you get injured,

oh and also if they break it can be a bugger trying to get the halfbrocken pedal out.

It was my non intention to pwn. Haha!

Sorry to bump, but how about the Snafu platform pin pedals on sale on UDC? They’re about half price and look presty robust. Thoughts?

I ordered a pair of those, They’re good pedals, and they have good grip too. They were a lot bigger than I expected them to be though.

My thoughts, definitely worth the money but little on the heavy side nice big platform.

The price is right, go for it. I get 3 pairs last year in the christmas sale. I bent one but the rest are going strong.

I’ve used the snafu’s quite a bit; I won’t ever buy them (they generally come with KH unis). the bearings fail fairly quickly.


Ah, but at $12, you really can’t go wrong. They are dirt cheap.

I think I’ll pick up a pair. Thanks everyone.