My P.O.S. cranks

Ok Ive had my unicycle for about a month. I think Ive made some pretty good progress. I can ride with the seat on my stomach, do drops easily, and I just recently learned to hop up and ride down stairs. Last night I was showing my mom how I could hop up some stairs, as I was riding back to my house my left pedal started shifting and doing all sort of weird crap. Then all of a sudden my crank fell off. This has been a devoloping problem ever since a week or so ago I have had to tighten my cranks after every ride. My unicycle is just a cheap learner I bought it for $60 bucks wholesale. Its a Sun 24". I was thinking that I might just weld my cranks directly to my hub and just ride until they completely bust off. I am saving up for a KH 24" but I dont expect to get that for a little while. Do you guys have any cheap suggestions?



On the advise of this forum, I took my crank off, cleaned and then greased the square taper, replaced the crank and tightened it as hard as I could. I was quite surprised to see the crank slide on an additional quarter inch from where it was sitting before. I have not had a problem with it coming loose since then (a month ago).

Put some grease on the tapers before installing the crank. And then put a little “Red” Loctite on the retaining nut threads.

Here is an old post describing the procedure:

Here is a FAQ by Sofa about installing cranks:

The trick is to put grease on the tapers. The Loctite just helps them stay tight, but it’s the grease that allows them to get tight in the first place.

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> I can ride with the seat on my stomach,
Could you post a picture? :slight_smile:

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actuaally - ya. I just found my lego digicam so Il hook it up and ride around so you guys can see.