My own built Uni

I’ve been bored recently so I designed and built a unicycle frame to my own design- photos at:

It rides really well, made out of 4061 tubing with tool steel bearing holders (EN20 I think) It’s quite tough too. I even angled the bearing holders to take the impact of riding over bumps better, that’s the theory anyway

If anyone is interested I will have the jigs for a while (There’s another design about to be made), I have plenty of material and will be able to make a couple more frames I can even bring them to Uk events for you.

Anyway - have a look and tell me what you think.



Joe -

That’s a great looking frame - like a Hunter but with wishbone stays. Very cool!

I’m unfamiliar with 4061 steel. I found 4023 steel in “Machinery’s Handbook” and it looks like it has strength properties similar to 4130. I assume 4061 is similar to 4130 as well.

Again … very nice frame. Can’t wait to see your next design!

Steve Howard

love it, love it

That’s a sweet design. Is it sturdy or does it have a lot of flex? If it holds up on ya put me down for 2. Does it come in chartreuse?:slight_smile:

Awesome job. Log a few hours on it, and let us know how it works out!

I think that looks like a really good job you’ve done there. Will you be at BMW4? I’m not in the market for a new frame at the moment but I’d like to see that up close.

Keep us informed how the angled bearing holders go; it’s a good idea.


Nice frame,it looks nice but probobly a little heavier than others.

For those that dont know,Hunter has been angling his bearing holders for years.

here is picture hope this werks



That looks like a great frame. Good job. Similar to a Hunter but has better bearing blocks. Let us know how it holds up. Do you have a name for the frame?

Thanks for that info I’d never looked closely at the Hunter frame to notice, does it make any difference?


That looks pretty nice.

I was thinking of making a new frame but if you want to save me the trouble then maybe we can do a deal.

How much does it weigh? What size bearings and axle will it take?


<shuggs shoulders and takes a drink of beer>then belches out"a dont know" "possible to hit the fixing bolt on ah crank grab eazier though"ha HAH Yack…:frowning:

lol, oh the visuals I get from that description :smiley:


Re: My own built Uni

To answer the questions:

1 Material. The frame should you want one will be 4130 and EN20 brazed up and finished in whatever colour or nickel plated,

2 Flex. The frame doesent notably flex at all.
the wishbone rear adds to the tortional stability in the mud

3 Weight. I haven’t weighed it yet however it feels lighter than the nimbus frame I have here - when I weigh it you’ll be the first to know

4 BMW Sadly I am unable to make it due to a pre-arranged family dinner (my girlfriends else I’d cancel) However I shall be around and am more than happy to meet up for a ride sometime

5 Bearing Holders - I am going to build a trials version of this frame with a grippy bearing holder in case you miss the pedals. The bearings haven’t moved yet any impact is driving the bearings harder into the middle of the holder, I am running a differen
t angle to the hunter

6 The size of the bearings - this one holds the suze bearings but seeing as I’ll be making any more I can alter the holder size

6 Name - The frame is One Wheel Only cycles frame - called Blizzard

7 Price - If I make any more it’ll have to be about £100 which is to cover costs etc - still cheaper than a hunter at $350.
I can take credit cards using the machine at dad’s engineering company and post them to wherever so if you are seriously interested please e-mail me and we’ll work out a deal

Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions :slight_smile:

I have been for a couple of rides so far and had no problems what so ever but if anything happens I’ll let you know


Re: Re: My own built Uni

An alternative to grippy bearing housings would be grind plates that you could bolt on some of the slippy plastic that skaters/skateboarders use.

Or both - grippy (knurled) with bolt holes for attaching the plastic.

Leo White