My Nimbus Nightrider Review

I received my Nimbus Nightrider Pro on Wednesday and have been having so much fun on it. I had never ridden such a big unicycle before (the biggest was 24").
When I got the package delivered, I was so excited. I brought the box inside and opened it as quick as I could. When I lifted the lid, there it was… A huge tire that was taller than my legs. I took it out and could not believe how big it was in person. I quickly unwrapped the seat, I put everything together and brought it outside. I tried to see if I could free mount it first, but I was a bit too shaky for that, so I leaned up against a fence to get on. I thought it was pretty cool how much higher I was. I tried to push myself away from the fence then realized how much more push power the pedals needed. I proceeded to fall off. I got back on my feet, and decided I was just going to go for the free mount. First try was a failure, but the next try, I just jumped right up and got my feet on the pedals. Then I leaned forward and pedaled. It was quite a strange but exciting feeling when I started moving, I was going much faster than I normally would on the smaller unicycle. I rode right down my street, and then around by a few stores. I thought it was awesome how high I was and how I was taller than everyone else. I went home and rode around some more off and on all day. I also bought some handgrips to make it more comfortable and protect the handle more.
On Thursday, I experimented to see how sharply I could turn and did pretty well. The angle I was at when turning felt pretty darn cool. I rode it around even more, up and down curbs, through snow, and I hopped in place and sideways up a small step. I tried my luck at idling, but I only got backwards and forwards once.
I tried riding my KH20 after the first day of riding and it felt so weird. I’ll have to adjust to that.

Anyway, I think the Nightrider is great and I will be riding it a lot! It’s so fast and surprisingly responsive. As I said before, I have not ridden any other 36er so I don’t really have much to compare it to.
I intend to put brakes on it soon because I got the pro rim. Not sure what kind I’m going to put on, but hopefully I can get my hands on some V-brake adapters to make things easier and less expensive.
I don’t think I could have made a better choice for a coker and I’m glad I waited for the new rims and tire.
I also got the version 2 T7 which look just like the original with the sharp corners removed. I’ve had good experiences with it so far, although it is a little off center.
All in all, I think I made an excellent purchase. :smiley: This new beast of a machine makes me very excited for Ride the Lobster.

Cool Stuff I’m getting my nightrider in tomorrow.

I’m hoping to post a review when I get back from Vietnam, but its pretty hard to compare tires.

I have ridden the coker tire, alot and the TA tire a bunch, but those were on different setups.

I think someone should post a review of all the 36er tires, riding each one on the exact same setups.

Congradulations coretechs

Nice looking uni, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive :frowning:

I order mine with the Blue KH Freeride fusion seat and Pro rider

I’m not sure what to expect in the freemount dept, I already ride a 29" so hoping it won’t be to much to adapt.

Oh well enjoy.

It’s vastly different, I never miss amount on the 29, can only freemount the 36 maybe 1 in 3 times with the runnign mount, 1 in 4 with a static mount. I’ve had the 36 longer and have clocked more miles on it.

Hey, thanks a lot for the review! Any chance of a closer pic of the new T7?

Coretech how tall are you?

I noticed the seat post is up high, how tall are you ?

I’m approximately six foot tall. Not sure what my inseam is. I’m also using 127mm cranks.

You should be fine, I’ve been riding a KH20 for the most part and I freemounted the second time I tried, so I would imagine that 29 to 36 shouldn’t be that hard.

Alright, some pics of the new T7!

Basically, all they have done is removed the sharp corners at the front end of the handle.

I’ve already added several accessories to the uni. :smiley:
Handgrips on both ends of the T7, froglight on seatpost, mudguard, and a bell. I’m probably going to spray the frame green soon and put a brake on it.
I like where I positioned the bell, because I can use it to rest any cans of iced-tea in between the handle bars.

Also, as you can see, I’ve already had a good share of UPD on this thing.

Awsome looking


I don’t know the feel of the original T7, but would think that with the corners removed, it made it more comfortable. I sometimes rest my hands on those corners and I can imagine it being uncomfortable if those coreners were there.

I want one!!!

UDC says not until the end of march???
I have been reading threads about a secret 36" ???
Wonder what it is???

Coretch green riding machine

Painting your 36 green would be awsome.

Green monster, like the hulk :wink:

Oh yeah, I recommend a vetta computer for speed, distance, avg speed during your training.
Mounts nicely to T7 or Seat post.

Oh, it’s definitely going green soon. :smiley:

I’ll see about that computer or some others from the LBS that’s sponsoring me. Maybe I’ll get one for free or at least a nice discount. :slight_smile:

Two days of fun

Today marks day two of riding with my new Nimbus Pro.

The new Nimbus Nightrider tire is really collecting the small sand pepples and from roads and sidewalks. Short bursts of speed and centrifical force spins out most of it out. To prevent water and debris spray I installed a mud flap. Gonna need it anyway for the spring mess that I’ll be driving through.

I also mounted my T7 bar, Vetta computer, and rear led flashing light. My freemounting is getting better (around 75% success ratio). Definantely feel very confident on freemount and riding over rough terrain, snow and ice.

Tried to idle and stop and hop manuvers, nope, gotta spend more time building confidence here.

I’m really pleased with the new uni now its time to focus on training and getting some serious saddle time.

BTW> Coretech, I’m trying to get brakes too. Can’t order V-brake adapters from UDC UK. Web page say its out of stock and out of delivery area. Kinda interested what you plan on using for brakes.

Hey my T7 seems to be off center as well. It looks bent.

Keeping an eye on my T7 for crack

On my T7 where the rail post are welded on, I see a chip in the paint. It also looks like there may be a small crack, it may also be lighting too.

Well, lets count the problems with mine:

It’s off center a little to the right
the right handle is a little higher than the left
the rails are bending
the paint on the rails is chipping due to the bending

I think I’m going to try get it exchanged.

Hi there,

So far I have had a lot of fun, but I have also encountered several problems with my Nightrider Pro:

spokes are snapping frequently right at the hub,
powder coating comes off easily,
not quite sure if the frame is a little crooked (hard to tell with 2 spokes missing)

the T7 has the following flaws:

it is definitely off center to the right, which makes it a little uncomfortable,
the bottlecage mounts come loose,
the rails bend,
the rear part seems to be unnecessary weight

oh, and there’s the beginning of a crack at the T7’s front plate too…