My Nimbus Nightrider Review

Im planning to get a 36". may I ask what your leg length is because I dont know if im too small

87cm wearing shoes, but I’m sure that’s above minimum length. On my Nimbus Nightrider 36 there’s about 10cm of seatpost that could be cut off, so that would make the minimum inseam length 77cm with 114mm cranks.

I just got my Nimbus Nightrider 2 weeks ago. This is my first 36, and I’ve only ever been on Jess Riegel’s coker for all of 2 minutes. But it was exhilarating so of course I had to get one! I can agree with a few of the problems already listed here. The asymmetry of the saddle/T7 is a bit upsetting. I expected a bit more for the price I paid. Also, I had some issues with mounting a linear pull brake. The V brake adapters from UDC UK do not fit. I had to file off 1mm or so before they would squeeze on. I realize that’s an issue with the adapter as well, but from what I understand they work fine on other frames. And it took a few tries to find a brake that would actually fit on the mounts properly. Also, when braking, the frame bends outward from the force. Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve gone with a beefier frame… perhaps waited for the KH36. Oh well. Despite these minor issues, I love my beast of a uni! No more purple lol. Here she is in all her splendor!

Paul C

Wow thats really a great looking uni. I would suggest picking up some Qu-ax cranks that don’t have any Q factor… it’s personal preference but most people don’t like the added wobble from the q’ed cranks.

My nimbus frame also bends when a lot of torque is applied. This causes the brake to rub momentarily.

Cool thanks for the input. I do notice the wobble but I thought that was due to the extra wide hub. I’m still new to all of this… So I need to research Q factor.

I’ve just now started looking at cokers, so…overall would you guys reccomend this? Or should I wait for the KH36?

While the KH36 will probably be a better quality frame, the Nimbus just looks way cooler IMO. If you want to go geared some time, that will work better with the KH. I would probably wait for the KH now that I know the nimbus and all its flaws… But it will look pretty boring in comparison.

Yeah, I like my Nightrider overall, but I rode Chuck’s geard KH36 after Ride The Lobster and it was so nice. I think I’m gonna get one in the next year or two.

I was going to get a geared hub, but then I saw they were $1300.

Yeah, definitely something to save up for. But if one of my local sponsors comes through, they will be paying for half of it for me.

Seriously? That is really incredible news. Keep me updated on that,

nimbus nightrider

just got my nimbus nightrider without t7 handle , my first 36er wow its so fast ,this pic is of one of my first free mounts ,normally ride 24 muni