My nimbus isis came with the wrong cranks :(

Hi, i got the nimbus isis trials unicycle today for christmas. The unicycle came with quax1 isis cranks on it which i didnt order, i ordered a stock nimbus isis 19" trials unicycle. And i have confirmed it was meant to come with nimbus isis cranks. Now my problem is are the nimbus isis cranks stronger than the quax1 caranks? Should i phone udc and get them to send me the nimbus cranks? What should i do?

Thanks any help is appreciated.

You could phone them, email, or he may reply here. I can’t comment on the crank strength however.

Save up and get the KH moments then you won’t have a problem.

just looked at the one I had mine came with the quax ones as well

If they fit on it I wouldn’t worry. Get out there and ride it!


The Nimbus and Qu-ax cranks are almost identical. Don’t worry about it, the only thing thats really different is the name written on them.

thats what im doing I did not realise until this thread was up.

ok thanks i’ll just leave it then. i think the quax ones look better anyway. im getting kh moments in march. thanks.

doesnt it say on UDC that it comes with qu-ax cranks? I think it does.

no it says it comes with nimbus isis cranks.

same crank dude…more

well hmm same factory same material …different stamp …its the same crank dude

it does, becuse i have the nimbus too, but i got Moments though.:smiley:

there is a whole lot more to it than that, but you can tell yourself that…

Sorry about the confusion with the cranks but the cranks have changed with the different batches. The first ISIS ones has the slightly rounded cranks, the second batch have ones that say QuAx on them and now they say Nimbus. Strength wise I believe they are the very similar.


ok thanks alot. It’s an amazing unicycle. Im glad i bought it now. Thanks UDC