My New Vid Check It Out

Hey heres a newer vid of me riding, 2.6 MB. Just under 3 minutes i think. Pretty bad quality, but pretty good riding.
Its trials/street/freestyle what ever you want to call it.
Its on my site

Its called unimoviesmall.WMV. Check out the rest of the site to.

Tell me what you think!

NICE NICENICE!!! its awsome when someone can do bike trials and uni trials

Nice. Is that an Echo team or a Koxx LB? Looked like echo.

i beleive that was an echo it looks like my friends echo

Well, way to upstage my video :slight_smile: Great job, and great music, too.

That’s less than jake, no? I love them.

Echos team there are pictures on the site also.

Thats a awesome video by the way, you 360 like its nothing.

one minor suggestion–can we get a higher quality movie? i know most(?) of us have pretty fast connections and i’d much rather spend 2 mintues downloading some higher quality video than 20 seconds downloading something all pixelated. you can always have both and let people decide. otherwise great riding!

Thanks for the comments.
Its an Echo Yeam and it is Less Then Jake, my favorite band.
I also ride mototrials and won the ES national championship and WI state championship, so I really dont get to uni all that much. I ride everything, biketrials and uni are mostly to improve my mototrials riding, but im starting to like them more and more.

I have a biketrials vid on the site to above the uni one called bikesmall.WMV. I will try to put up better quality ones and some mototrials tonight. I used the bad quality so it wouldnt take as long to upload, becasue i have the slowest internet ever.
Thanks again

alright then. if its you that has the slow connection thats very understandable. perhaps you could upload over night to get high quality ones out there? just a thought. keep up the good work.

Cool stuff. I ride a team also.



I have dsl, and I was lucky to stay within kiliobites on that page. But usually I stayed below kbs and it took me about 10 seconds to close the box. My opinion is, find a better web page hoster.

solid vid, was it me or were a bunch of things repeated? like the 3 off the porch and all the 180 grinding?

anyways, coolness


p.s. i absolutley hate your helmet, with a passion. If i knew you i’d throw that helmet into a mulcher. For your own good:D

I repeated a few things in slow motion, but i think thats all. I wanted to take out the first set of rails. The helmet is for mototrials because i lost my bicycle one. Its about the same weight as a bike one though.

I dont know why it works so bad. Ill try to take off the other vids and leave the 2, and see if that works.
I made a better quality one but the site wouldnt take it, 16 mb.
Anyone know of any good sites to upload?

Are you coming to Motorama - as an allrounder?

I was planning on coming, riding mototrials, biketrials, and uni trials, but now it sounds like the person i was going with is training to be a cop on those days. Which really sucks. I was there last year but didnt ride uni. Theres still a chance though.

Yeah, make the chance reality, you won’t be alone at Motorama.

yah i noticed repeating also not just in slow motions but you did the rail slide one more then once like you showed it towards the beginning and then again at the end and where was this video takein place in your garage or something if so thats awesome you have a mini skate park in your garage!

overall an alright video some things caught my eye but nothin to special

Ok i guess i never really watched it all the way though. I made it on a program called Nero then transfered it to movie maker and I guess some things got repeated somehow. That is really weird. Sorry, i didnt know. It is a LOT better in good quality but freewebs doesnt let me upload anything bigger.

All the indoor riding is in my barn. Which also has climbing wall, tramp, sauna… its the best

you lucky fool. I envy your cool place.