my new unicycle video "1x1 Wheel Drive"

i’m just putting the finishing touches to my unicycle video “1x1 wheel drive”

i’m just not sure what to do with it,

it’s going to be put on a video loop at the local arts theatre (the tollboth in stirling)
i’m going to send a copy to my parents and show it to my friends,

having put a fair ammount of work into it i’d like to do something cool with it,

i’m not a technicaly briliant unicyclist or video editor so i’ts not going to rival the “universe” video or anything, that said non unicyclists seem to be quite impressed by it.

about the best things in the video are crank grabbing, 90" uni spins and gap jumping between walls.

so if anybody wants a copy send me a blank video tape (or cdrom our iMac has a cd burner) and i’ll record you a copy,

UMX aka evil ewan
(you know the deal, there isn’t realy a domain called