my new unicycle vid.

I have this week a new video made unicycle
please enjoys it :wink:

I can`t get in…? :thinking:

I seen it on vimeo now and your really good, just keep it going :smiley:

Sorry but now it should go :wink:

nice was 1:45 s 180 double ?
how long do you ride?

great vid!!!:wink:

looks very nice!:slight_smile:

Yes, it works now :smiley:

I wish i could say i was as good as you at flatland.

i am riding since 5 1/2 month Flat

thank you :slight_smile:

thank you :wink:

thank you how long do you ride ??

thank you :wink:

Was it a 180 double? :thinking:

It`s not a 180 douleflip. He flip a bit to hard and lands a sketcy 1.5flip:D

Good 540 unispins. Try to reduce hopping after tricks, they will look much cleaner.

o sorry no it was 1 1/2 180 flip


thanks, okay i try it :wink:

Cool video. I wish I could ride flat.:frowning:

Why do you crankflip with left foot forward, and you ride with left foot back?

wow i just noticed that. That’s pretty weird

Sorry man, I got through about 30 seconds before I couldn’t take the music anymore.

Hate that new style of hiphop… ugh

yes i learned it so i now i had problems whit the hickflip