My new uni!!!

Finally my uni turned up on tuesday but hadn’t had a chance to post any pics etc yet.

So the uni consists of:

KH 07 trials rim
black spokes
red tryall rim tape
luna tyre (i ride street so i dont need the grip of a cc and i wanted to try something else)
KH moment hub/cranks 137mm
red tryall pedals
iron cross valve cap
koxx 1 frame (as seen on a red devil)
white koxx 1 seat clamp
crmo post
KH 07 fusion street saddle blue

so thats the parts, havent got any great pics yet as i have been busy riding but here is one…

so yer thats it, feel free to comment
although it isnt the lightest possible uni it feels damn fine to me and i am sooo glad to finally have a quality uni that will last me a long time.

cool uni man. looks like it already got some good use
did you put that all together?

pretty sweet, looks like you dont like colour coordination but never mind looks hell of a good anyways :smiley:

What? are we looking at the same uni? me thinks the blue and red looks awesome :smiley:


PS. Is that a gel seat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like uncle sam’s uni.

i think the blue seat looks awesome, it matches the blue hub

When i saw this i was like :astonished: cause i’m wondering if that tire lights up at night because it would be if it did but none the less. You have 1 very cool looking unicycle there my friend. When you take it for a spin. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

well the whole red/white/black/silver/blue…

i dunno seems like the colours are abit jumbled up. Not that, thats a bad thing…

I think it looks cool, too bad you can’t get the hub in red, that would make it amazing.

One thing though that is really really wrong with your uni is the wheel. It is super weak right now. You are always going to be landing on either the weld or the valve hole, this is the worst spot on the rim to be landing on. To fix this just take your cranks off and rotate them 90 degrees so that they line up with the two spots I just mentioned. Since you rarely land with one of your pedals down that will mean that you shouldn’t ever land on those weak spots in the rim.

I like the non match colour look of it I think the only part I would change is the silver cranks and make them black as the rest works ok to me. I really want to pimp my KH06 but not sure what to go with yet still trying to find inspiration :sunglasses:

Edit: I would maybe do the cranks white that might work too and match the seat clamp too

Not if he hops left foot forward, but you’re right if he hops right forwards.

i hop left foot forward, and the idea of the colours is so that the rim tape, pedals, koxx1 all match…the seat is to match the hub and not have it an odd one out, and the white clamp goes with the white in the koxx 1, and it stands out with the black frame and post. as for the cranks well they are unique…

shut up sam, you dont know what you are talking about :smiley:

good to hear people like it, as i love it…

It doesn’t matter, on one side of the rim there is the hole from the valve and then on the other side is the other weak spot where they have either the welded or pressed joint. Either way it is a weak spot and he should rotate his cranks. It isn’t hard to do either, and it will make his uni wayyyy stronger.

ntappin, ok yer will do, will i need a crank extractor to get the crans off the spline or what do ya reckon? also the cranks are alluminium arent they? just concerned as it looks like i can see rust where crank grabs have damaged them a little bit… not too stressed but just curious