My New Uni Stand

I have been working on this since september for my product design GCSE. I decided to design and make a new unicycle stand, as the ones one the market arent great and are only really for 20" unis. My final design is basically a tool box, for storing tools and spare parts, with a telescopic pole to hold any size unicycle.

The box has 2 draws to hold tools, cranks, pedals, seat posts etc. It also has a large compartment in the back to hold larger parts, such as seats and even at least 3 20" frames!

Im not sure what grade I’ll get for it, but my teacher said it will be around an A or a B for that and the written work, now all I have to worry about is the 2 hour exam!

That’s pretty cool, and looks like ya did a nice job on it also. Good luck on the exam!

Are you still allowed to take an A2 piece of paper with all the answers written on it in to GCSE DT exams? If so, then don’t worry about it.

no we arent allowed, instead the exam board print the answers on the back for us:p (they arent supposed to do that either, but they did!)