My New Uni on its way!

Hey all
Im a new member to this site, and newish to unicycling (been riding for bout 5 months now) but been browsing through past threads, for the past month or so.

Here in South Africa unicycles (and Unicyclist) are kinda scarce (at least it keeps it uni-que), I spent about 3 months trying to get hold of a unicycle before I started riding.
When I eventually got hold of one and learned to ride it started falling apart rapidly :frowning: (cheep Asian imports).

Last Tues I twisted my ankle so have to give the uni a break for the next few weeks – whats with all the foot injuries lately :thinking:

So for the past few month Ive been searching websites to find a decent uni, and trying to decide what uni I want 20in or 24in, Muni or Trials, crank length etc. etc. :thinking:

Your guys past threads helped a lot to decide on what I wanted, and every question I had I found threads to answer my Qs (or at least debates on the subject) and more often than not confusing the situation – but confusion is good coz it brings up more un thought of questions.
So yah - Thanks for answering all my questions :slight_smile:

I finally decided what I want and who I want it from, and ordered a 20in Trials Qu-Ax Splined hub “special edition” (smaller frame) from on Friday, transferred the money on Monday, And got an e-mail from Roland today to say it on its way, along with a couple other odds and sods to fix up my old uni, new pedals, shorter cranks, seat etc. – I plan on using my old uni at the juggling club (wooden floor friendly) and for UniHoki.

  • I can’t wait :smiley: , hopefully my foot would have healed and my new uni will arrive at about the same time.

Has anyone over the sea from Germany ordered from – How long did it take to get your order?, Roland wasn’t sure how long coz I’m his first customer from South Africa.

Oh ya Dave if you read this, you mentioned you want shorter crank, a few weeks ago, so I ordered an extra set of 114mm if you want them,(didn’t know what length you wanted) if not no prob.

Anyway enough for now :o

And How do you put a pic under your name?

Hello and welcome!

Go to User CP then Profile I think and look for avatar settings, here you can upload a pic but it has to be so big by so big and I think a certain file type!

I think unicycles and unicyclists are scarce everywhere! :slight_smile:

Hi Shaun,

your banktransfer was very very fast.

Normal it takes longer from foreign countries.

Have a lot of fun with your new cycle :slight_smile: