My New Uni: K1 Green Spirit Frame?

I am currently in the process of waiting for a White Russian frame from Koxx-One at Renegade and I’m starting to have second thoughts. I am going to be using this uni for trials and flatland (maybe a bit of street too). I was thinking if I should take the Green Spirit frame (K1 also) instead because it looks like the crown design of the Devil frames might get in the way when placing your foot on it, and the GS is slightly lighter. So, my questions for you are:

      1. Will the GS frame be able to withstand trials use. After all, it's alluminum and the White Russian is CrMo.

      2. Are the decals on the GS removeable? On the K1 site it says it's "waterdecal artwork" ( I like the color combinations on the White Russian, so I want to put the White Russian decals on the Green Spirit frame).
  1. The aluminum frame if hit hard enough it will break. Trust me I ride a Black Domina.
  2. No they are permanent unless you want to strip the paint repaint it and put on the white russian stickers, WHICH WOULD BE SICK.

I would stick with the White Russian (That was my old frame), It is a solid frame that is good all around, especially if you want to do trials. My Black Domina doesn’t touch trials. Stick with the Russian

EDIT: Just in case you didn’t know, the Black Domina and the Green Spirit are the same just different paint job.

O.k. thanks. I guess I’m sticking with the White Russian frame then :roll_eyes: .

Koxx One forever… good choice


If I was you, id go KH painted white. Its aluminum, but trust me, hit that thing as much as you want and it will hold longer than the greenspirit, unless the Black Domina II frame is a lot a lot better than the first, but doesnt seem that way as Ive seen one ripped right in half from about 4months of use.

If you have some grudge against KH, then go for the White russian. If the little nubs really bother you, then just go for the KH for added durability.

Hmmmm, that actually sounds like a better idea to me. My friend just got a new KH, and I have to say that the frame is pretty awesome. So I’m gonna check around my town to see if theres a good place where I can get a frame ripped and powder coated. In the meantime, will a KH frame even fit a K1 wheelset? I can’t find the specs.

Ok never mind, I got it.

Kris makes excellent products, if you get anything from him you’ll be well pleased. Yes, people have broken his frames, but the percentage of broken frames is very small considering how many people use them. They are also made out of aluminum, and if you ride hard enough you’ll break anything. Kris’ products are awesome.

FYI: there are different grades of aluminum, some are stronger than others. Most unicycle aluminum is called 6061 which is stronger than regular aluminum but not as strong as 7005 . I don’t know about Koxx frames but KH is made from 7005 aluminum and hence is more durable than most.