My new trick!!!!!!!!!

It’s just one trick…

that was so amazing stereim!!! respect :astonished:

SICK :astonished:

Dope sauce.

oh my god that was awesome :astonished:

Very nice, you should get a new camera :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I just don’t know how this is possible. You are the king of flips on flat.

very nice!!!:slight_smile:

insane :astonished:

Ah, very nice indeed! Very, very nice indeed!

Can you do it not late?

Maybe I’ll try it late…

Super sick. yes get e new camera…

and i am sorry that i have to be the one to drag this down… but is this a new trick? i mean people have done back fithflips before right?

but i appologize…i am biased, i kinda dont care about late or not late tricks

i should also clearify i dont know if you ment “your new trick” or “hey look, a new trick by me”


Can you late fifthflip?

Insane, better then my normal late 540s haha.

Can you do fifthbacks?

That was hella crazy. I had no idea you were this good.

that was ninja


Yes, I do fifth back and fifth fakie flip very good!!And other fifth flips tricks, but no late fifth…

But for the camera, could you give me money^^??

Your the man.

you win at life Luc beats luke fifth fakies amazing film one

Luc, tu sais que tes entrain de devenir le champion du monde à mon avis? cest fou comment tapprend vite et que tu est consistant…