My new trials Muni

This ting is vicked!!
My wife is starting to learn to ride and wants my trials muni, so I got to build this way quicker than I thought. Like by 8 months which is way cool. I’m not going to complain. I think I’ll go ride it!

My new Trials.jpg

Trials close up.jpg

My Bad. Now bigger:D


close 2.jpg

Sweeeeet uni. Looks bedford to me.

I approve :smiley:

that is a HOT unicycle. how much did you spend on it?
where did you buy the parts?


very cool!

what kinda pedallions are on there? and the grindplate?

btw. pedallions=pedals

man, w/ that thomson seatpost u could upgrade to a CF scott wallis seat sometime too

o yeah
muni = mountain unicycle

so “trials muni” makes no sense really unless its a muni for trials riding

but, that’s a sweet trials uni!

You sure have that seat LOW!!! Are you only about 5’ tall?

i noticed the low seat as well. the pedals look sweet. are they grippy?

Nice, is that a new kh frame on a profile wheel? Thats awesome. I’m not sure if I like the orange and blue together though.

i think the orenge and blue look sweeeet in a clashing sort of way, I love it:D
I am jeleous

Orenge and Blue Are the two greatest colers ever. And tigger must be the best unicyclist ever because only the reat get to wear ornge and blue!!!

I have a lot of money, im willing to put up inorder to buy that right there unicycle.

Yes the seat is low, I’m exspirmenting :roll_eyes: The Uni is hand picked parts ordered from House of Bicycles which get stuff from UDC. except rim and flames there from Bedford. PEDALS are profile they grip very well, I made the grinding plate its 10mm plexy glass I had laying around, the bolts are counter sunk, They slide almost to well on metal, I think concrete will eat them up. O well. Later when I save some money I’ll probly get that CF seat base.

why didnt’ you get a KH hub enstead of a profile? anyway it looks great anyway:D