My new toys (in black&white)

I got a couple of new toys.
Here’s the white one:

And here’s the black one:

sh muni 1.jpg

Those look great! Where’d you get the SH frame? Also, are you going to do anythign to reinforce the crown joints? They can be broken on big rolling hops.

I’m curious, why did you put brakes on the summit and leave them off the muni (other than the obvious fact that the SH frame didn’t have brake mounts)?

Now go update the Uni count thread … ! :smiley:

(I think it needs some numbers totaled also …)

I like the black one … !

I want to get a meter for my uni sometime also , after I get done beating it with my attempts at new skills.

The SH was Justin’s broken frame, I replaced the seat tube and did a little modifying on the crown already. I’m planning on machining a brake mount that will attach to the crown and also reinforce the legs.

I bought the Summit “as is” with the Maguras already on it. :smiley:

Wow, those are really sweet uni’s KK.

Nice, Kenny. You didn’t waste any time getting the SH muni back together, and I didn’t know about the Summit.


Re: My new toys (in black&white)


how is this a ripoff?


I will not be silenced by you. so just tell me whats the ripoff here

U-Turn made a white 29er. This whole white frame idea has already been done. :stuck_out_tongue:

and why couldnt obie tell me this

Countdown to Jagur’s post…1…2…3…

The “rip-off” was truely unintentional, it was already white when I bought it :wink:

Scott, it was hard to keep from telling you about the Summit last week. It was advertised as a KH, but I spotted a chip in the paint where the orange shown through. It was still an offer I couldn’t refuse:)

wouldn’t you rather put that brake on your muni?

Also, Nick Dijohn (of SWAT) has an all white KH trials.

I’ve got another new Magura that will be going on the Muni. The one on the Summit might make it’s way to my Coker eventually if I decide I don’t need it on the trials uni :slight_smile:

Congradulations on the new rides! I think this requires a trip downtown! Jay-are and I are taking our stuff to work tomorrow, so If you want to get to it, let us know. We can be ready at any time. I almost slipped and told Scott too, but knew how excited you would be!

What is everyones oppinion of brakes on a trials? Do you need them?

i like it. and my uni isnt all white anymore, just the frame. my kh hub was beginning to die, so i fixed it and sold it for profiles. nice unis tho.