my new Summit Trials

Just got my new (new to me!) Summit Trials uni! Other than the cranks being on the wrong sides, and the bearing caps being a bit uneven and a little too tight it’s in great shape. The Luna tire is unused, and I put my Torker DX saddle on it until I get another KH lift handle to install on the Viscount saddle that came with the Summit. Although the color is alright, I’m going to have it Powder coated KH Blue. Have a look at the pics. I paid $245 for it and only $18 shipping. :smiley:


thats sweeet…I like the solid orange better than the original that had SUMMIT on the side.

that my friend is a sexy uni…i wish i had one or should i say i wish i had the money for one.

I’m definitely with you on that! The “summit” decal made it look kinda K-Mart-ish, IMHO.:slight_smile:

Thanks man! Maybe I’ll keep it that color for a while afterall!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice uni! You will want to get some sort of ankle protection though, I used to have those cranks and trust me they hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, that’s fer sure. For now I’m wearing thick padded hiking boots; they’ve saved me ankles on at least 1 occasion.:slight_smile:

Terry, the cranks may not be on the wrong sides. The Summit Trials that I owned came equipped with Magura brakes. The brake mounts were on the rear of the frame (distinguishing the front from the rear of the frame) and the seatpost slot was in the front. So if you’re assuming that the cranks are wrong because the slot is in the front, that’s just the way it is:) Without brake mounts, the frame does not necessarily have a left or right side, so just spin the seat 180 degrees and hop on!! BTW, that is one beautiful uni. I agree, the orange looks really cool without the Summit stickers. You got one heck of deal;)

Good point(s)! My guess was that the seatpost clamp bolts should be facing the back, (with the neck-slot on the bolt side as well) and going on that assumption, I switched the cranks. Hopefully it’ll be ok that way.

that frame looks awesome. do you know if it will fit onto a onza trials?

Sorry I don’t know the answer to that one. I was going to buy an Onza from UDC, but didn’t have that much $$ to spend:(

It’ll will be just fine either way, as long as the right pedal is on the right side and the left pedal is on the left side. Enjoy your new toy.:slight_smile:
BTW. your Summit has a much better frame than the Onza. The Onza has stamped steel bearing caps and your Summit bearings holders are machined:D

i must insist that you powder coat it bright yellow instead.

Yellow? Any particular reason? I was thinking of KH blue…but now having been looking at it for a while, I really like it the color it is! :sunglasses: I might put something cool on the forks, like lightening bolts…not sure. I guess that’s kinda cliche, eh?


it’s either that orange or yellow.

I say yellow because it is the coolest most stand-out color.