My new set up and how to use a cf base.

Hey this is my idea take a 04kh fusion seat covr fet a koxx seat put a cf on it and wrap it all in the kh cover will it work with no modifications? Also I need the best/easiest way to attach the handle/bumper to the cf base last time I did I tried it took about 2 hours and I can’t remove the seat post with out taking it ALL apart. So post all they ways you acn do that please. Yes I know I have 2 cf bases now. Muhahahahahah or something like that. If you wonder why I made a lot of money this summer and can spend it how I wish so:p. My set up is going to be and will not be changing moment hub/cranks marwi spokes nimbus trials rim (o5 kh rim or so I am told) monty egal claw koxx frame (praying to god it fits) cromo post salsa flip lock and salsa lip lock for harder stuff. I got 125 for street,flatland ya-da ya-da with sealed mag jc’s :sunglasses: 150 with primo jackshits (for trials on a 19’ I know they will be very long) once again :sunglasses: . Also plactic jimmy c’s for grinding once I start. So yeah… ballin’ as some might say and I am giving my old uni to my father who will hopefully learn and then we can ride on cokers into the sunset… maybe not, but you get the idea. I know I wrote this crappy I misspelled and have bad grammar crackers don’t bother.

my advise to you.
then retype that

Hahahaha, no. Why do people like you bother posting.

I ask the same about you. That post of yours made no sense.

Ok because I am bored and have time to waste. You can get my general idea kind of I wrote that in like a minute.

Thread closed period There now you people don’t have to cry so much! All I want is to know how to use a cf base, but no that is to much to ask I mean this is only a unicycle forum.

i dont understand what your asking.

how to make a good cf seat?

why do you bother posting something that no one can read. (we are currently 2 out of 2 on who did not understand that)
mine was understandable and all had correct spelling.
so what was your question?

How to drill the holes and what to use to attach the handle u-bolt, filling I don’t know. I want a fast way to make a cf base that I can use like a regular base attach/detach the lift, bumper and post independently meaning one, but no the others.

This thread is done with I have no need for it. I will be better off finding out how to do it myself then asking (some) people on here.
Oh 2 out of 2?!..

yes 2 out of 2 who reponded and did not understand it.

if you want to know how to do it…
put the handle where you want it, mark holes.
take kh stiffener plate and put it over the 4 marked holes amd mark seat post holes.
put bumper where it goes and mark
drill out holes
file to make square

for more information i would check that link out. shows tims process of setting a cf up

Someone did a carbon seat write up a while back

And he posted pictures. I don’t remember the name, so you might have to search a bit.

Look up thanks though.