My New Ride!!

Heres my new TOTALY WICKED uni…


Sun Wheel set
Sun frame
Primo Rod Seat post
Kinport Rail addapter(kh style)
Oddesy twisted pedals
and…a 8 ball valve cap!

Cool, I wonder if you could get a seat post to fit a 6’ 3" guy?

this is a 300mm post, get a 400 and i think you could do it

I need a 400mm with a 20"

ah, hummmm…

400 mm, w/ seat post extensioners


Does it work?

hell yes it works, its awesome!

Do the pedals hit the ground?

on steep turns, actuly, on like and leen at all, but its still fun

On UDC, I found seat posts up to 700 mm long, so it’s definitely doable.

if you trust 700mm of seat post.

You can get very long seatposts, and it seemed solid enough with one when I tried it, but we found that it ruins the fun. The whole point is that it’s a silly disproportionate uni. Keeping a standard seatpost fits the theme better.

As for turning it, it’s fine if you do action/reaction turns (swinging arms/hips around) but if you try and lean it over the pedals hit the floor very quickly. But that was with the UDC wide hub, which might be overkill for a 12" rim.


Your parents have too much money.

Mine? I Payed for it.

Oh right, with your awesome job.

yeah, it was only 156 bucks man, i sold shit on ebay. even is my parents did buy it(they didnt) who cares?

Your parents have too much money.

Thanks for the info.