My new progress

Ok about a week ago I could ride fas far as u ask, hop , gracefully dismount, and 180 unispin.

well my unispin is not as good as it was last week.

now i can freemount indefinately, and can hop SIF and hop 180 Seat in.

Now i feel i am progressing fast. I have only ridden twice since last week.:smiley:

I will have a vid up later, hopefully.

cool man. youll probably end up being really good. especially if you practice a lot.

Nice job!
Expect new skill to come and go. My spins are that way. Some days I can nail them and geep them going round and round, other days, I’m lucky if I get in one revolution!

Keep it up and let us know what tricks you’re up to. Free mounting is an essential, I’m sure you notice how handy it is already!

Unispinning before you can 100% freemount? O.o

you mean unispin? dang work it mrs blake. you go girl

no I just mean spin.
I don’t have the nerve to uni spin.

PS thanks for the go girl part. It’s nice to feel recognized and appreciated :slight_smile:

sorry no vid tonight, my fiance and I went to play some Hold Em’ at a friends house. My next thing to learn is to idle pretty well so i can learn a 360 spin. the 180 was effortless and I landed it my 1st try. both Seat in and SIF. I think the basis to learning a lot of Freestyle tricks is to Idle well. Correct me if I am wrong but that just seems to be Logical to me. I bet with a little Effort I can spin the full 360 but the hard part will probably be riding away from it.

Please forgive my skepticism, but I’ve been riding for over two years, and can do all kinds of really hard stuff, but I’m still only around 60% on my unispins. I have a hard time believing you could learn to unispin at your level. So, by unispin, to you mean jumping up off the unicycle, spinning it 180 degrees and landing again, or do mean jumping up with the unicycle and spinning 180 degrees, or something else? This is what a real unispin looks like. If this is what you can do, my heartiest congratulations!

I don’t think it what be quite correct to say that idling is the basis of most freestyle tricks. Don’t get me wrong; idling is an important skill, but I don’t think it’s any more fundamental than wheel walking, seat out riding, backward riding, one-footed riding and hopping. To do much serious freestyle, you have to master all these basic skills.

Yes I can uni spin (180) The first day i was doing them I could land them pretty regular. yesterday iwas not so “on point” with my unispin. Yesterday I landed maybe 10% of my unispin. last week i landed about 80% I can also 180 spin. As i also said in my last thread, I use to ride BMX and did a little flatland, and i also am pretty good on a pogo stick. (spins, twist, grabs, no foot, hands, backwards etc…)

Maybe I should rephrase my statement about Idling. It seems like it is a lot easier to learn tricks if you can idle well and control your balance, rather than pedaling, stoping and then throwing a trick. I do also beleive that backwards riding has a great deal to do with ease of learning because if u cant ride backwards then when you start to fall backwards you maynot have the propper reaction to save the landing.

This is actually, in my experience, true.

Once I learned how to idle and ride backwards, I could save myself from falling over in just about every direction. When you get to doing some tricks it helps to be able to do this, otherwise you would just fall over.

You want to be able to ride with comfortable control over your unicycle, and by being able to idle/ride backwards, riding becomes more like walking around in that it is subconcious and very easy.

plz excuse my stupid question but what exactly is IDLING?

its a way of staying still on a unicycle u peddle forward then backwards but keep the seat staionary

I ask of what use is your skepticism?

Best case it exposes a fraud about a trivial claim.
Worst case it alienates an aspiring unicyclist.

umm, Gandhi…you spelled your name wrong…

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I wanted to make sure he understood exactly what a unispin was. His pogo stick and flatland BMX background makes the claim very believable to me.

This is idling.

I landed the trick on the first day of trying the trick… not riding a unicycle. sorry for the confussion. And i will be the first to admit (as I already have) that I am not the best at unispins, I just thought it was cool that I can do them so soon. A unispin is not hard at all. al it takes is some basic fundamentals and a bit of Nerve. the biggest thing stopping people from not beeing able to do a certain trick is usually not Physical it is mental. when I am trying to learn anything new, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with unicycles, i just try to correlate it to something I already know how to do.

Isn’t that important in just about everything we do!! Well stated!

Keep us posted on your progress. I’d also like to know how your unicycling experiences help other challenging things in life!

I would say that you should try the jump mount. I can also see landing a unispin easily if you’ve got a background in pogo sticking - a lot of times that and unicycling are very much the same. If you can stick a 180 unispin, a jump mount should be cake for you. good luck man :smiley:

I have landed a few jump mounts. I was trying to do a unispin mount earlier but to no avail:( I will get it though give me a little bit. I only tried it like 3 times.(ps jump then spin of course not spin then jump:p ) I dont think I am far enough in the game or skilled enough for my Unicycling abilities to quite help me in anything else, BUt give me a few months and they will probably be second nature. Smacked my shin pretty hard trying a unispin earlier. the pedals spun and I tried to land it anyway and they slipped and smacked me. I also tried to Rev jump and almost got it around but not quite and didnt land it. I will be working on those aswell. I wish Ihad more time to uni but unfortunately I will have less time in about a week when College starts back up. Thanks for the encouragement (sp) You guys/gals are very supportive.:smiley: Oh ialso pulled off one side mount erlier out of shier luck. I was just goofin around and standing on the crank and picked it up with my left foot and I felt really sure footed and just rode off.