My new Muni (not for sale)

look folks i acually bought a unicycle instead of always selling them. you may have seen most of this Muni before since i bought it from Frank A. who made a thread about it some time ago.

anyway i dont need to type much since i made captions on my gallery pic’s

ive always wanted a Hunter and its taken a long time to “just get one”. while i asked Frank about some unrelated thing and this MUni came up i had to do it. this is the main reason im selling the Rowing frame, this Hunter will fit all the same wheels. i think i like the wish bone style a little better but it doesnt double as a carry handle like the Hunter style.

the Muniac hub is very nice. i havent really got to torture it yet. the one thing i think Scott sould have done better on these hubs is the dishing of the hub flanges, they need to be angled in more.

How much do you want for the wheel? Does it come with a valve cap?:slight_smile:

Very nice ride Jagur. Now get your butt back on the trails.

very tuff Pony Boy! :smiley:

shouldn’t this say not for sale…yet…

Damn! You beat me to it . . . well, your sense of humor is so bad that we wouldn’t laugh if George Carlin wrote the jokes for you and there was a laugh track! :thinking:

thanx Sodapop.

how strong is that axle

Silly captions…

It looks great!

Jagur always keeps a Muni on hand so this should stay with him for some time. By that time I should have money and maybe it’ll be mine!

Have you moved all the way in yet Jagur?

am i missing somthing? did jag move? oh and very shwazy unicyle i wish i had a hunter frame…