My New MUni ( GB4 )

This is my first and favorite Mountain unicycle. It is a gb4 frame and a profile wheel and airseat. Here is the link to pictures. BEAUTIFUL. Anyone who has the chance to get a GB4 uni should get it, extreme quality by a wonderful creater. My best purchase decisioin ever.

Too shiny…it must be punished. :smiley:

Sweet ride, though… I pray for a GB4 in my future.

Ahhhhh, so sweeeeet!

Green with envy,

very nice! --chirokid–

I will punish it, but I am keeping it shiny for a little while longer. It’s much more pleasing to me. But I cant waste its potential and not punish it so dont worry, it iwll be done.


That’s a really awesome looking unicycle. I love the color.

Make sure you put a grip on the Reeder handle so your hand doesn’t slip. My favorite grips are these;

Although you can order them from QBP through any good bike shop.

Now go get dirty… it’s in the forties here in Iowa today!!

cheers… Mojoe