My new helmet

I decided I should probably get a helmet. The one I got is just a dark grey Giro. I wanted to “decorate” it I guess. Anyone know where I can get some stickers or something that I could put on my new helmet?

What the heck. just go to any store and buy stickers. Its not too hard. Think before making a thread.

if you troch it for about 5 min it makes it look crazy

Stickers should never be bought for the purpose of decoration. They should be obtained free with stuff and worn as badges of honour to represent the service you have done for large corporations by buying their stuff. Vis a vis my laptop;

Alternatively, you could just email companies telling them you have bought their cool stuff that you really like, but sadly it was delivered without any free stickers. Or just miss out the lie bit and tell them you want free stickers. And free stuff.



I kinda wanted certain stickers,(koxx one, or even if there’s such a thing as a Kris Holm sticker) if I wanted just any sticker I think that I would know to go to a store and buy some. There’s no need to be so aggressive.

Sorry it came out harsh but you should have specified that you wanted koxx1, kris holm ,etc stickers. All you said was that you wanted someone to tell you a store where you can buy stickers and in my mind i thought why the hell would someone ask where to buy stickers when they are so commonly available. If you would have specified I wouldnt have answered that way

smileys make everything better:)

and my comment wasn’t very nice but I really have a friend that did that to make it look different

I like your humor.

I like your humor.

Write a letter to a company asking for stickers and sometimes they will give you some, that’s what my brother did and he got a lot of stickers.:smiley:

Emele, you’re right I should have said what kind I wanted. Anyway, if I wrote a letter to get Koxx One stickers the shipping would be a problem. And I don’t think there really are KH stickers, I could be wrong though.

The sticker shop.

Oh really? No harm done, but that just seems like a extremely pointless comment to me.
EDIT: Oh rite, look above this post, I don’t think that comment is pointless.

It was a joke it went along with the computer picture.:wink: