my new "headtrip"

I had to modify my skate helmet for this new headtrip niterider, but it seems to fit great! No, that’s NOT me in the pic! lol.:smiley: Seems pretty darn bright, and gets 2:20 hrs on a charge. We’ll see!

And now it’s out to my local trail to try it out!


Terry are you sure that aint you? If it is I would demand mony back from your plastic surgent.

that’s pretty cool, and it looks like you got it pretty well attached to your helmet. is it removable (easily) for day rides?

be sure and tell us how well it lights up the trail!

You may want to move it up towards the center/top of the helmet. The extra weight on the front of the helmet will pull the front down.

Very nice…Is it as brite as it looks?

I selected the lowest spot for installation because the “swivel” movement has a limited range, and if it’s placed any higher, I can’t adjust the beam low enough to illuminate the trail without having to point my head straight down at the tire.

Actually, the extra weight is negligible and I didn’t notice it, nor did it cause my helmet to move forward. The heavy part (90%) is the battery, which is carried in the backpack. Having said all that, I won’t be doing any more night rides, at least not in pitch black surroundings, and somewhat technical trails!

Yep, no street or city lighting on the trails I ride, so it is totally jet black at night. In the 30 min. “test” ride I did last night, I must’ve rode through at least TEN spider webs :astonished: (I guess the little buggers start building them as soon as the sun goes down, knowing that they will be destroyed by daybreak when people start using the trails again) and had a couple choice upd’s until my eyes became more accustomed to the conditions.

I think the light is pretty powerful for what it is, but it just seems that it’s better suited for riding where there is partial city lighting, both to light your path, and for motorists to be able to see you. Otherwise I just don’t think riding muni with it in the pitch black sticks is for me. It was a fun experiment though!:smiley:

Well, I can’t really knock the way that little guy looks. Afterall, he paid my rent for about 20 years! :slight_smile:

That picture gave me a fright! Wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley:p

The light looks pretty sweet, is it LED or Halogen?

Halogen, which works better for this purpose than led’s, which are better for taillights.

There’s some pretty good 3 watt LED headlights, they are as bright as halogen but more expensive!

I have a 12W halogen light for my bike, I really need to get a helmet mount for it. So far I’ve only used it for muni twice, by holding the battery pack in my hand and clipping the handlebar mount around an index finger. It works ok but it’s a pain not being able to switch handle hands when I want, so a helmet mount would be better. Not that it matters much at the moment as it’s light until about 9pm anyway.

[I]Headtrip - apply directly to the forehead.

Headtrip - apply directly to the forehead.

Headtrip - apply directly to the forehead.[/I]

Had to get that daft ad out of my system.
Those lights look great.
I have a set of Smart halogens twins on my mountain bike - one 2.5 watt floodlight and one 10 watt spotlight which can be turned on or off independantly, and come with a rechargable battery. They cost around £40, but I can honestly say that they are the best thing I have ever bought for my bike. I’ve had them for around 5 or 6 years now and they are still going strong. Of course I take them off during the summer months, but during winter when the nights close in they are invaluable.
If anyone wants a great muni challenge, then try riding your local trails at night. Singletrack you thought you knew like the back of your hand suddenly becomes a whole new ball game!
And it can be quite eerie stopping for a break in the middle of the woods at midnight! :smiley:

Terry, I’ve done a ton of night riding on the MTB, 2 to 3 nights a week all winter. If you do it a few times, you get MUCH more comfortable. FYI: the HID lamps are way brighter, last longer and cost a bunch more! But well worth it in terms of lighting up the night.

Now THAT’S a good one!!!

(But I think it’s “head on”)