My new Coker!!!!!!

heres my new remanufactured coker…

coker! (1).jpg


the big one #2.jpg

Nice Coker, dude! Log on to AIM sometime!

Re: My new Coker!!!

On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 15:05:49 -0600, “total uni” wrote:

>heres my new remanufactured coker…

The tube is not properly mounted. Check your valve stem. It should be
straight and not under tension or you have a failure waiting to

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damn, thats how it came.

Just be happy there are few small problems now, while you can’t ride it. It’s much worse than you not noticing and then destroying a perfectly good Coker. You now have months to enjoy the Big’un while your leg heals.

good point

thats ill. I’d like one but i dont have a job, and they’re expensive.


That brake lever looks really far from the handle. Are you able to pull it while riding?

yes sir!

But you havent ridden it yet, and based on your age, I would assume that your havd isn’t extremely long, and would reccomend one of these: Brake Lever Extender it’s basically a nessesity.

Many congratulations on your beautiful machine and welcome to the awesome world of Cokering! As you will soon find out, the Coker opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities. It was the Coker that lured me back into the sport and has subsequently provided me with countless hours of high adrenaline enjoyment (and great exercise). I personally have never used a brake. If any of the NYUC members have a Coker equipped with a brake, maybe I’ll have a chance to try one out sometime. I’ll be ordering an airfoil wheelset for my Coker this week and then I’ll be riding at some extreme locations that are a bit closer to me than Rays. Good luck with your new ride. I look forward to reading your Coker related posts and hearing about (and possibly seeing video, too) of your progress.
Andrew (HCR, A5 - NYUC)

Yes, very nice, indeed. Once you get the black aerofoil rim, that red and black motif will be killer.

What is the brake set up, where did you get it, and how much $? I didn’t find it at website.

Are you going to shorten the brake cable, soon? Seems like it could catch in a fall.


I believe it is an Odyssey A brake on a Big Cheese brake plate. that’s the set up I put on to my coker. I think it’s a nice set up if you don’t want to go with the Magura. I bought the Big Cheese from my LBS and the A brake on ebay. I’m not sure, but they may not be making the A brake anymore, so if you see one, grab it. Here’s a link to my pics of the brake. I like having a longer bar end with a slight bend at the end for mounting the brake lever. It gets the lever closer to the seat handle.