My *new* coker mug

Here I am sitting and drinking some Peets coffee from my french press. I grabbed a mug from the cupboard that I haven’t used in a long time. It is a mug that my children bought me many “fathers day” ago. The mug has DAD written across the top of the rim and then descriptions below. They are:
head honcho
fearless leader
top brass

and right in the middle of those is this ‘jewel’
big wheel

YES! :slight_smile:

It’s obviously an omen.


You have to get a Coker now, if you don’t already have one. And if you do, you need to go ride it.

go here: Wise/good coker decision?

Gotta protect that mug for life now!

OFB, I remember we started at about the same time last fall. I have had my Coker for a couple of weeks now. It is a blast. I’m still taking it pretty slowly, but am able to free mount about 25%, and I’m climbing some decent hills. Still scared of the downhills…

Remember when we were wrestlling about learning on a 20 or 24? The Coker is just a beast! I posted about how big the wheel seemed, when I first set it up. Now it seems just right, but the 24 is impossibly small - looks like a little kid’s toy - I’m not even sure I can still ride it.

I’m enjoying the longer rides - saddle hurts after 3 miles non-stop (I haven’t even bothered trying to figure out how to optimize all the settings yet), instead of 300 yards pre-Coker. I highly recommend you become a Cokeur!


Be careful about that, I know someone with a coker, I let him try to ride my 24, he couldn’t even mount it. Once you get 100% with the coker I would suggest getting used to the 24 again and keep going back and forth, that way you could be good at both at any given time.

Yes, it was something last fall.
I need to go back and view some of those posts. Probably pretty funny now but at that time I didn’t even know what I was talking or asking about, and I probably said the wrong thing to the wrong people! ha-ha
I get on the 20 and 24, but lately things have been going on that keep me from riding.
That sure isn’t the way I want things going just when I order my coker :slight_smile:
I haven’t even told my wife what I have done yet! he-he
To be honest, she has told me on a few occasions to order while we had some extra money. Now I will find out if she really meant it.

How long did it take you to get yours? Mine will come about the time it gets to be 100F outside and I will sit inside and stare at the wheel. I don’t think I will try mounting it inside like I did the 24 when it came. I would mount the 24 in a doorway. No telling what might have been with the aquarium sitting right in front of me at that time (30gal). That would have been an interesting “opps”.

Enjoy the miles!



I received my order promptly. I think I ordered on a Monday, got a call from that the pedals I ordered were out of stock on Wednesday, they shipped the order on Friday or Saturday, and I had it Monday. I had ordered the (Coker) frame from Bedford, just because he seemed to have the powdercoating and brake mounting plates process down so smoothly. He relies upon some outside vendors for painting and welding, but did a great job in pushing them along. I was really pushing for a Memorial Day Weekend event in Chicago - Darren got me the frame in two weeks, so I made the event with a day to spare. My LBS helped me cut down the seat post, it is much beefier than the Torker LX posts I had cut in my garage…I ordered the GB4 handlebars, some grips, and a computer too - but I haven’t bothered with those yet. At this point I’m just starting to believe I’ll actually be able to use my core for balance control, rather than my flailing arms. Looking forward to hearing your reaction to seeing the big wheel in person for the first time!


Had another coffee in my ‘big wheel’ mug and when I saw the words, my heart about sank!
I think I’ll invest in enough safety gear to look like the michelin man. Oh wait, I already do :frowning:
Time for some Earl Grey.

Ahhh, I love Peets - it’s one of my favorites. Love the French roast m’self.