My New Airseat

This was my first airseat and I am extremely happy with the result. It took me a good part of the day to get perfect. The Gemcrest Leather was very expensive but worth it. It feels really durable and even smells like a new car!

I’m wondering what PSI is good to run airseats at without risk of punctures?


Miyata/Torker LX Seat Base
GB4 Handle
Duct Tape
Dog Bone Air Pillow
Gemcrest Leather Seat Cover
GB4 25.4 mm Universal seatpost
Valve extender
Torker LX Bumper

Total Cost: around $140 :astonished:




Don’t worry about PSI, chances are, if it’s comfortable, you don’t have to worry about punctures. Airseat flats are super-rare, don’t worry about it. Go for comfort.

Looks really good. What are you going to use that on? I couldn’t tell from your picture, but did you use the GB4 stiffener plate? The GB4 handle puts a lot of stress on the saddle, so the GB4 stiffener plate is recommended. It replaces the thin stiffener plate that comes with the saddle.

If you look real close, you can see the stiffner plate hidden by the duct tape.

The bolt pattern looks different from the GB4 plate. It could be the original one that comes with the seat. But, then again…

Re: My New Airseat

They can get spendy. I figure that the air seats I have on my Coker and two munis cost me over $300 each in parts and miscellaneous stuff. Figure the cost of a Miyata seat to cannibalize, CF base, rails adapter, seatpost, seat cover, misc hardware, fabric and sewing for the air pillow, and all the other stuff and the cost adds up. Some of the extra expense is because I was (and still am) experimenting with different things in the seat so the cost keeps going up as I try new things. They can turn into a money pit if you’re not careful.

Yeah I forgot to mention there’s a GB4 Stiffener Plate there too. It’s an authentic one I’m sure, not the Miyata one. It cost $10 from

Thanks, Duane, for convincing me to buy the Leather Gemcrest over the Vinyl Gemcrest. I am very glad I did spend the extra dough.


Sweet Seat Lee, How is that frame coming?
-Kaycee, In Page Arizona.