My New 2007 KH29'er from Bedford

I just got the new 2007 KH29’er and put some of my favorite parts onto it last night. I hope to get out for the first ride today.

That’s the most beautifull thing i ever did see! Really though, that’s nice! Bet it rides as good as it looks. Gotta tell me how that seat is for longer rides.

What kinda brake is that? It looks fancy.


Musketman - I will let you know how the seat works out. I have an '07 KH one here now that I can compare too.

Habbywall - The brake is an older Magura HS Model rim brake with new pads.

How come it only has a single bolt seat clamp? I thought the 2007 KH all came with double-bolt clamps, or are you trying to save weight?

What is the thing on the end of the brake lever?


Are plazmatics really needed? Stock magura pads will work just as well on a uni and not cost a bunch.

Calves, I hate you now. I want a kh 29 soooo bad. But have fun on it and tell us how awesome it is after you get a good ride on it. Oh yeah, how long are the cranks?


Jim: I compared the old seat clamp to the new one and thought the old one worked just fine, has only one bolt to adjust, and is half the weight.

I have big washer pop rivited to my brake lever then covered in foam and hockey tape. It works good but I put a big cut in my finger unloading my uni so I covered up the washer. Better grip now too.

Evan Byrne: The Plazmatic brake pads are a bit of overkill but so are the Echo mounts!! I got such a deal on the used Magura brakes that even with $65 worth of goodies my brakes cost $90 Cdn total.

Uni.rider.13: I have a 2005 KH29 for sale with lots of new '07 parts. $375 US or $450 Cdn + shipping.

You’re not aware how much anguish you’re causing me. I too have a 2005 KH29, and I covet your 2007 KH29 like a child covets dessert.

There’s NO WAY I can justify the expenditure successfully and keep my wife happy at the same time. Though I want the uni, I want my wife happy a tad more, but damn, that new KH looks sweet. And now I have to wipe the drool of the screen.

Oooooooo…Pretty…I want one. What cranks length are you unsing on that>?

Cranks are 150’s on my '05 and the new '07 but I have 137’s here too. On easy trails I think the 137’s should be better (faster). Now all I need are some 114 or 125’s for those road rides…

qu-ax makes isis 114s.

1st Ride

I got a short 8km (5mi) ride in today. My seat feels great but I wanna see how is does on a longer road ride too and compare it to the new '07 KH saddle.

The KH moment crank/hub is amazing! I felt like I could accelerate and spin much better but it may be partly the saddle and the “New UNI Rush” I was feeling.